Apps that Track your Expenses

Do you think your expenses are growing faster than your salary? Cannot understand where all the money goes? This won’t be the case with you anymore. There are many apps at the app stores that will help you track your money in a smarter way. Some of them are listed here.


PageOnce is one of the most popular apps used for tracking your expenses and managing your money. It automatically keeps a track of your bills, investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, mobile texts, minutes and data usage. The user just needs to create an account and login to his account. The Calender feature shows the payments pending in a quick overview. It allows tracking the bank and credit card transactions once the user has setup the direct connection with the bank, right through this app. This app has been remarked as ‘Cadillac of money management apps’ by CNN. It has also been chosen as a ‘Staff Favorite’ app  at the Google Play store.

This app has been designed with personal finance in mind. It also works well for tracking small business income and expenses. It provides the facility of saving private information of the budget, expenses and credit card details. The user can divide the finances in various categories, like savings, cheques and credit cards. At the end of the week or month, there is a graphical presentation of all the expenses. It will also show where more money has been spent and where it was saved.

Toshl Finance

Toshl Finance is equipped with nearly all the features one can expect from an expense tracker. The app makes managing personal finances an easy affair. Its main interface is a simple menu bar at the bottom of the screen. This menu includes expense data entry, income data entry, a summary screen, a budgeting screen and settings. The user can tag each expense as and maintains a handy display of all the tags for future reference. He can also view the total amount spent by day or by category. It also reports on how the balance compares with the previous month and how is your performance against a budget.

All these apps are available at the iOS app store and Google play store. You can download them now and track your expenses in an efficient way. You can also get a similar app developed as per your requirements. But, make sure that you hire an app developer who is expert in application development.

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