Tim Cook's Apology for Warranty Policies

Apple’s chief executive, Tim Cook has apologized to Chinese customers for the misunderstandings about its repair and warranty policy in the country. A letter of apology has been posted on the Chinese website of the company.

A few weeks earlier, China Central Television accused the company of providing shorter warranty periods as compared to other countries. Apple has also been accused for using inferior parts to repair their devices. Last week, the Chinese government warned Apple that it would face terrible consequences if it did not amend it’s customer service. It also demanded a sincere apology by the company to the customers.

However, Tim has now expressed his regret over the matter and assured to reform its warranty policy in the country. Tim Cook outlined some major changes that the company will be implementing to improve its services in China.

It will improve its repair and warranty policy, increase the supervision and training of its authorized service providers and make it easier for users to contact the feedback service of the company. Customers that have the 1-year warranty period will now get a replacement iPhone 4 and 4S, instead of just replacement parts. The company will also offer a two year warranty for free on iPads.

This is the second time, the Apple CEO has made a public apology during his tenure. Last year, he apologized to iOS users after the company introduced the Apple maps service which included incorrect addresses, distorted aerial imagery and other problems.

The Chinese market is very important to Apple and other smartphone makers. Last year, China became the second largest market for the company after the U.S. Apology letters from the Apple CEO are issued in rare cases only. In case of Cook, they come only when he senses that public opinion may turn dangerously against the company.

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