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IT’S JUNE 8, 2015!

Finally, the D-day has arrived, and just a few hours to go for the much-awaited Apple keynote at 10 am in San Francisco at the Worldwide Developer’s conference – WWDC15.  Although it is marked as a significant event in the calendar of iOS and OS X programmers, the rest of the world is equally eager to know what Apple has in store, as that is going to set the pitch for the next 12 months of products.

The excitement as always have constantly raised the bar of expectations for Apple enthusiast (and rivals too), thanks to the cutting-edge marketing techniques from Apple Inc. Me writing this article ‘What to expect from WWDC15?’ and you reading it is too is the result of the inherent charm that binds us all.

Apple Music: Indigenous streaming music service


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This is one of the most expected of announcements Apple enthusiasts are looking forward to from WWDC15. To cost around $10 per month, as reported by The WSJ, Apple Music will have music from various artists and record labels to enhance the music selection. The service is also reported to be powered by Beats Music that Apple acquired last year. Industry experts consider this move by Apple to be a crucial one as it is more about reasserting its dominance over the music industry when it introduced the iTunes Music Store in 2003.


Announcements are expected to be made for expanding Apple’s influence in the home, courtesy HomeKit gateway – where Apple TV can work as the hub that’ll work towards providing remote access to connected devices in your home – allowing thermostats, switches and door locks interact with one another. This could even include turning on light switches or adjusting the room temperature before you arrive home from work.

Native Apple Watch Apps


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This WWDC is expected to see more from Apple on software tools so programmers can move beyond simple Glance apps and extensions on the Apple Watch. This can be significant as it would let the Apple Watch work more as a standalone device that can be a beneficial for particularly 2 reason. One is that with native apps and background data support, the Apple Watch can provide information faster than the current apps do. And second, the use of native application for the Apple Watch can allow user to just carry the Wearable device as a standalone, instead of carrying the iPhone too along.

While it’s true that the first iPhone took almost a year to get native software apps from third-party developers, it expected WWDC15 will see us moving towards native apps for Apple Watch soon. As of now, the Cupertino Company seems to play a harmonizing act that balances battery life of the Apple Watch with the utility of such applications.

iOS 9

iOS 9 is undeniably the biggest attraction and most anticipated announcements Apple loyalists are looking forward to. Not only is this the biggest update for Apple’s mobile devices post iOS 8 that opened up avenues like cross-app sharing, added widgets and improved notification experience; Apple enthusiasts are expecting iOS 9 to bring about a revolution.

Some of the most anticipated features of iOS9 are new keypad, enhanced Apple Maps, backward compatibility for iOS upgrade, performance and security enhancements and new “San Francisco” font (as in Apple Watch). Moreover, there are also expectations about Transit directions, Refurbished search/personal assistant system, Siri enhancements, iPad split-screen multitasking and Augmented reality Maps feature.


Besides all this, the WWDC15 is expected to show off the next version of its desktop platform and come around with OS X 10.11 and Apple TV. However, it is not much known as to what Apple plans to come up with in the platform, except rumors of a change in the system font. And for Apple TV, even though a few reports revealed that Apple is equipping its own streaming TV service that would offer access various types of video content, including local channels, in the range of $30 to $40 per month – it’s still the BIG dream for Apple lovers.

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