Apple's Plan for a Smart Cover

A few weeks ago, the  USPTO (U.S. Patent & Trademark Office) published a patent from Apple that included integrated inductive charging through a smart cover. Now, another Smart Cover related patent from Apple has been published by the USPTO.

As per a tech blog ‘Patently Apple’, the newest patent submission includes the design of an iPad cover with physical soft buttons on the external part of its body. These buttons will be used to control the music. A design for multiple display windows is also there. It will display text output, along with a clock and a battery indicator. Some of these ideas that are being patented by the Cupertino based company, may be used in its forthcoming smartphones and tablet. An iPad cover with such features and functionalities could surely become a ‘Smart Cover’.

Most of the wireless charging instruments use an induction coil that transfers power through a cord that is plugged into the dock connector of the device. Apple’s design shows the use of an iPad case to hold the inductive power transmitter. One of the designs includes an internal battery inside the case for  wireless charging while on the move.

The Smart Cover in this patent has padding in each segment of the cover. This padding is composed of numerous battery cells and a wireless charging circuit. The charge activates when the flap covers the screen of the iPad. It lets the device know that it is not in use and is ready for getting charged. The cover itself has to be charged so that it can provide the power needed to juice up the iPad while outside. The cover will have the ability to get plugged into a power source by means of an AC adapter.

However, this technology is still a long way off. Apple would have to add this inductive charging circuitry to its tabs as well. Also the design of this Smart Cover needs to be worked on more.

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