Apple iPad Mini Review

Exactly as predicted, Apple recently launched its much hyped, Apple iPad Mini. It was quite unsurprising as most of the features and specifications were already out in the market. Being a die-hard fan of Apple, I was as eager as others enthusiasts around the world to know about this latest masterpiece. Now since I got to know about this latest Apple device, I am sharing my thoughts with this blog.

Starting with the physical appearance and built, the Apple's latest device offers a pleasant experience as it fits easily in the hand and gives more screen space, compared to Google's Nexus 7. The good news is, the iPad Mini is 23% lighter than the big iPad and with 7.2mm of thickness, it weighs only 308 grams. In terms of buttons and slots, Apple did some nice transitions as they moved the headphone socket on the top and positioned the speakers and new lightening connector at the bottom. In addition, volume and screen lock button are also moved to right hand side, which is odd.

Moving to the screen part, the 7.9 inch screen covers most of the front portion of the iPad Mini, and has a 4:3 ratio (Kindly & Nexus 7 has 16:9) which allows user to have more content on page. The Apple device offers 40% larger view area in portrait and 67% higher in landscape orientation, compared to Google's device. Also, the iPad Mini is easy to hold in portrait mode (you can hold it between your thumb and finger, just like a book).

Coming onto camera part, the device comprises of 5-MP rear camera which can records 1080p video and a 1.2 MP front-facing camera. The performance of back-facing camera is similar to the large iPad. Therefore, one can say that no addition is done in the camera section.

On performance grounds, the Apple iPad Mini is backed with dual-core A5 chip, thus offers a seamless service while using apps, playing games or browsing. The device also comes loaded with LTE and 5GHz Wi-Fi service for uninterrupted, high-speed internet connectivity.

The device is powered by a large battery and offers a power-back up of approximately 10 hours. However, with this release, Apple Inc. also placed its warrior in the battle. Now the world is going to witness a tough competition between Apple's iPad Mini, Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

One of the sticking points of the iPad Mini is the pricing. The price of the starting Wi-fi model of Apple iPad Mini is £269 (16GB), which is approximately £100 more than its nearest rival, the Google Nexus 7. But when it comes to features and appearance, the price is still tempting. The other version of Apple iPad Mini available in the market are - £349 (32GB), £429 (64GB).

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