Apple iPad 5 Rumors

Once again Apple Inc. is hovering all over the newsrooms with the rumors regarding the “launch of iPad 5”, this April. It seems that this summer – the Apple fans will enjoy a great vacation with a much “thinner and lighter” iPad 5, packed with hi-tech functions.

As per the industry insiders, this new version of iPad will have the shorter screen size compared to iPad 4. This fifth generation iPad is expected to be light in weight (like that of iPad mini) and thinner than the previous one. Maintaining the exquisite looks, Apple might keep the device size small & easy to hold. Rumors suggest that the device will be 4mm in height, and 17 mm in depth than the present Apple tablet.

With the smaller body of the fifth generation iPad, it seems that Apple is considerably making major changes to the device’s internals as well. As per the trend, Apple would use the new display technology – probably a Sharp IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) screen. This points to the thinner device of 9.7 inch having with just one LED light bar, instead of two, which will incredibly reduce the weight.

With the tough competitors already in the market like Samsung and Microsoft – Apple has to carry on its groundbreaking trend to churn out the most creative work. Because, Google Nexus 10 from Samsung has a display of  2560 x 1600 at 299ppi, which has a higher pixel density compared to iPad 5’s 264ppi. Moreover, it would be not a surprise if Apple uses Gorilla glass in the new tablet as Microsoft has already made an entry with its Windows Surface Pro.

Thinking to double the speed compared to the last iPad, it seems that Apple would induce enhanced A6X processor system-on-a-chip in the upcoming tablet. It will also have the lighting connector with better 4G-connectivity, and LTE support than its predecessors. Besides, it’s likely that the model will increase the maximum storage capacity to 128GB, but again a disappointment as Microsoft is providing this in its latest Pro version.

In spite of the present competition in the market, it’s still predicted that the fifth generation iPad will have a good success rate against the lower price tablets such as Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 due to its incredible features and capabilities.

Let’s see, whether Apple will be able to wow its fans with its thinner and lighter new iPad version or not. But, question lies – will it go with its scheduled release or not? What do you think? Share with us.

written by for Mobile section(s).