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Google finally does an Apple! Android developers now have to go through the app approval process to showcase their Android applications in the Google Play Store. As most of you are aware, Google previously did not have an approval process for the induction of new apps. The applications were reviewed only if they were reported for violating the policies.

Well, as per Google’s new Play Store policies, beginning May 2015, Androids app will not be published in Google Play Store until it is approved by Google. Google has also confirmed via its developer blog that it is now manually approving apps, rather than allowing them to be published automatically.

Adding the Human Touch

According to Google, there’s been no change in approval speed since it introduced a human touch to the submission process. In fact, developers will now be able to get their apps to market within a few hours after submission, rather than days and weeks. Moreover, Android developers will have to fill out a questionnaire that enables their app an age rating. So how will this impact app store submission, is the BIG question.

New Age-based Rating for Android Apps Introduced

Google is introducing new age-based rating that will be based on the criteria set by International organizations such as the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). For countries that do not have an official ratings organization, the users will be able to view only generic ratings.

The introduction of new age-based ratings for Android apps is specifically designed to make it simpler for the parents to select suitable content. The Google Developer Console would contain a content rating questionnaire that will assign an age rating. We assume that this change complements the introduction of YouTube Kids in helping the parents control over what their children can see on their devices.

Android Developers Speak

Developers all over the world are worried about the possibility of increased “rejections” by Google as App-approvals will now be monitored. Considering the positive aspect of this new improvement, it will help to reduce the risk of malware-laden applications and suspend the applications that violate Google’s developer policies. The app ecosystem on Google Play Store will grow and innovate in the coming years. We at Hidden Brains hail this new policy from Google, for it makes no difference to our process, as we have been following the highest standards in Android app development.

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