Mobile apps can be tested using simulators or actual devices. Some developers and mobile app development companies use simulators for testing the apps while some others use actual devices. It is advisable to use actual devices for testing because it gives the real environment and at the same time, it ensures that the app delivered would be high quality.

What is a mobile simulator?

  • A simulator is a tool or software application that works similar to the actual environment or the device. Here are some major benefits of mobile simulator:
  • Simulators are convenient and easy to use. They are considered to be an inexpensive option for testing the app.
  • Most of the simulators can be downloaded for free. Hence, there would be no need of purchasing any simulator online.
  • App installation is faster on the simulators and so, testing the app on multiple simulators becomes convenient. There are minimal chances of slow network issues. It is faster to test the app with simulator.
  • The testers get complete access to the local storage on a simulator. It helps them understand how the app interacts with the local storage.

Why is it beneficial to use actual devices?
Despite all the advantages of simulators, many developers know that testing the app on actual (real) devices is a full-proof approach. There are certain limitations of a simulators and hence, it can be a good idea to test the app on real mobile devices.

Though simulators mimic the actual testing environment, they are good to be used during the initial development phase. When it comes to complete testing of the app, you can use real devices.

It may be expensive to test the apps on the real devices because you would need to buy the devices. With new products and updates being launched every day, you may need to change the devices also with the changing market and industry trends. If you want to deliver a better user experience, you should think of investing in the latest versions of devices.

What are the benefits of testing on mobile devices?
Before delivering the app, you need to test the user interaction. Using a mouse and keyboard on the simulator is totally different from using a finger on the mobile devices. It is advisable to invest in for the actual devices for testing the app.

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