iPad Features

People are very curious to know the features and specifications of upcoming apple tablet iPad 5. The enhanced elements in new tablet is expected to give a great performance in terms of the removal of hindrances faced in iPad 3 or iPad 4.

iPad 5 Processor :

As we have seen A6X processor system-on-chip in iPad 4, we can assume that iPad 5 will come with further advanced processor that is, may be A7X processor. To cope up with the feature of Touch ID fingerprint scanning A7X processor should have uprated resistance in order to support better graphical processes that the new iPad has.

iPad 5 Design :

Tactus from accessory development department of Apple corporation took first snapshot of the new iPad 5 case and posted on his blog. Though there is not much special about the snapshot, it seems that it will it says that it will possess narrower bezels in order to make it more thinner in comparison with earlier tablets. iPad 5 would be styled in order to match the design of iPad mini.

iPad 5 Screen :

Apple experimented the first time to produce a tablet with high resolution screen. After that Google Nexus followed the same concept and gave tough competition to Apple in terms of screen resolution. The original size of iPad 5 screen would be 9.7-inches.

With a view to implement Retina display the screen resolution would be 2048 x 1536 that means pixels can not be viewed from a particular distance.

iPad 5 Size :

From the leaked pictures of iPad 5, it can be observed that it may come in Space Grey. Also, its weight would be lighter and the process for supplying power to the screen’s brightness must be by removing LED light bars.

This would result into prolonged battery life and therefore the battery bar would be thinner.

iPad 5 Specifications :

The iPad 5 is likely to be a device more lighter slimmer and narrower with smaller bezels. The major upgradation and prime focus while producing iPad 5 according to the latest news are:

  1. A7X Processor
  2. Sharp IGZO panel
  3. Storage Capacity from 16GB to 128 GB
  4. Camera from 5MP to 8MP
  5. Slimmer LED Back-light

iPad 5 Price :

Though there are rumors that Apple will drop the cost of iPad 5, it seems the pricing will be in accord with the earlier versions of its other gadgets. If at all the price drops, the main reason seems to be their intention to terminate iPad 2, as quoted by IB Times. iPad 5 would probably cost :

  1. 16GB iPad 5 – US$499 (£399, AU$539)
  2. 32GB iPad 5 – US$599 (£479, AU$649)
  3. 64GB iPad 5 – US$699 (£559, AU$759)
  4. 128GB iPad 5 – US$799 (£639, AU$869)

Now, Apple is on countdown mode of releasing its new tablet iPad 5. We look forward to the clues turning into the facts along with the use of iPad 5.

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