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Alexa Echo App Development

Hidden Brains offers Amazon Echo app design and development services to enable voice-driven computing.

Our Echo apps development services allow users to interact directly with Alexa that offers power to devices like Echo Show and Echo Spot, providing capabilities or skills for a highly personalized experience.

At Hidden Brains, we help build natural voice experiences that offer customers an intuitive way to interact with the technology. We specialize in providing solutions that leverage tools, APIs and reference solutions necessary to build with Alexa.

We have a team of talented Amazon Alexa developers who help build solutions that empower enterprises with a new breed of apps with natural voice experiences. This helps to unlock new opportunities and get things done in a smart way.

Our Services Enabling designers and developers to build engaging Alexa Applications.

Alexa Skills Design

Use our toolkits to reimagine your customer interactions with Alexa. Join us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with voice and advance conversational AI.

Alexa Skills Development

We specialize in using the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) a collection of self-service APIs, tools, documentation, and code samples to add skills to Alexa. We are helping change the way customers interact with their surrounding environment by building voice-first experiences using Alexa Skills Kit.

Connected Devices

Our team of Alexa developers can add Alexa to your smart home devices to enable voice control of your smart cameras, lights, entertainment systems, and more. We help create an ecosystem of gadgets that work with Alexa Gadgets such as Echo Buttons.

Alexa Voice Service (AVS)

Alexa Voice Service (AVS) integration services, providing the option of hands-free voice control to any connected device adding intelligent interface and access to a growing number of Alexa features, smart home integrations, and skills.

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Expert in Alexa Application Development

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  • IoT Experience

    Expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) app development to enable customers to control connected devices from Alexa-enabled endpoints.

  • Enterprise Applications

    Alexa app development providing several enterprise-grade features like integration, storage and data analytics.

  • Alexa Gadgets

    Build products compatible with Alexa Gadgets to interact with compatible Echo devices powered by the Gadgets SDK and Gadgets Skill API.

  • Cloud Expertise

    Specialize in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure Cloud platform to ensure scalability and high performance.

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