Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is a time-boxed approach wherein every step is predefined and well-planned. This development approach is usually bifurcated into phases with time duration to complete each phase. To put it simple, a big task is divided into smaller modules or steps to deliver the final product. It is a well-thought and carefully drafted approach to meet the objectives of the client and leverage the software in the existing ecosystem at the client side.

In this model, there is usually a designated point of contact at the client side as well as at our side to coordinate and communicate to drive the process to achieve the goal. This model suits best the situation wherein scope of work is pre-determined and each phase is critically analyzed and bifurcated till project release. This needs highly planned and streamlined environment and project strategy.

Development models

To achieve defined goals and results
within deadlines and budget, development methodology plays an important role.

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