Internet of Things (IoT) Company

Hidden Brains collaborates with both startups and enterprises and help them take a leap in this new connected world. Businesses can capitalize on our IoT services to improve operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences and create a digital business by connecting people, process and information together.

From empowering workforce to integrating processes and data, Hidden Brains IoT services helps businesses stay connected ALWAYS. Get ready to embrace total connectivity for your business and take advantage of the IoT mobile applications and services to stay ahead.

Our Proficiency

  • IoT Applications
  • IoT Security
  • IoT Platform
  • Data Management
  • Service Innovation

Advisory Services


  • Perceive your business to build IoT strategy
  • Scrutinize the impact of IoT strategy defined or build
  • Enhance your existing IoT solution
  • Reduce over consumption and wastage of resources
  • Analyze your business data and insights


  • Identify the latest segments in the market that helps to renovate your business
  • Consult on latest components to reduce operational cost
  • Architect your business for data collection and collate with utmost UI
  • Define sustainable architecture that can resist with possible Use cases

Implementation Services

  • Develop Prototype for the Architecture defined as proof of concept
  • Create the Short-term environment that replicates your current business
  • Could Integration
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Ensure with Quality and best optimized performance

Maintenance Services

  • Create and maintain the entire fleet of IoT network deployed
  • Device management and provisioning

Case Studies

We value the importance of your success by preserving the trust factor for long-term relationships with distinctive and substantial amendments for satisfactory results

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