The client wanted us to build a standalone app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry Smart Phones that allow users to book Lottery Tickets through integrated SMS Gateway. Here the app besides allowing SMS text to be generated for each lottery Ticket, allows auto send formatted lottery tickets through SMS.

  • Built for
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • TechnologiesiPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • CountryAruba

Lottery Ticket Generator App via SMS

Key Features

  • Buy Lottery online
  • Multilingual Support
  • Payment through registered bank
  • Predefined SMS text generation for each
    lottery Ticket
  • Payment & purchase of lottery ticket with SMS
  • Generate lottery tickets (numbers) by entering information such as Lottery Number, Pool Type, Betting Amount, etc.
  • Request Result - update available through SMS

This lottery ticket generator app does away with the hassles of buying tickets including SMS cost, because all tickets amounts like betting amounts too will be deducted by Telecom Company.

Here the app generates SMS text for lottery Ticket and User's bank registration and auto sends formatted lottery ticket bank registration details through the 3rd Party SMS Gateway integrated into the Application.

Payment is made through registered bank, wherein Bank names displayed on the application will be fixed and pre-defined.