We live in the age powered by technology, where waking up to a newspaper headline boosting a technological advancement or version update does not come to us as a surprise. Needless to mention, immense efforts of technology giants to bring forth the best possible software and gadgets to people has contributed to increased acceptance of tech devices among common people.

In this technological era, what you serve to people is definitely important, but along with that, how you serve carries an equal weightage. Technology companies have mastered this area and revolutionized major industrial sectors including information technology, mobile app development, retail, ecommerce, healthcare, entertainment, web development and media.

1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Pie-chart shown below explains the amount of AR and VR based hardware sales in the market, which imply its popularity among people.

ARVR-2020Courtesy: digi-capital

The success and fame of Pokémon Go, a mobile game powered by Augmented Reality is not unknown to anyone. Other than this, thousands of Virtual Reality based games and apps have seen entering the market off lately.

These games have managed to entertain players to the core, who demand for more games built on the same lines with enhanced graphics and virtual reality experience. These signs are a clear indication of rising trend of AR and VR concepts.

2. Machine Learning

AIE-15-chartCourtesy: Tractica

Mobile and even web users are getting used to bots that understand your usage pattern, learn from it, make predictions and assist you in every possible task with their artificial intelligence. 2017 can be seen as a world with more AI coming to power and people getting used to them for frequent usage.

Natural language processing, deep learning and neural networks are being studied in depth to explore its limitless possibilities. Mixture of advanced algorithms and parallel processing power can lead to a brighter tomorrow.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

Take a look at the graph below showcasing the rising concept of Internet of Things with number of connected devices worldwide from 2012 to 2020.

IoT number of connected devices worldwide 2012 2020 StatistaCourtesy: Statista

We are already eyeing on a world connected by Internet of Things, aren’t we? Smart Home is a dream come true to a certain extent. Though there are few limitations to this technology as of now, which will be set loose with more advancements in this sector.

Millions of apps and thousands of appliances we use in our daily lives can work wonders when associated with a common thread. Amazon, Google and Apple are in the research phase of making the most of these things by connecting them using Internet of Things concept.

2017 looks like the horizon for this concept to bloom and take a toll on people. Once implemented successfully, Internet of Things is going to spoil common people for convenience and flexibility at its best.

4. Big Data

Spaur-2016-Look-Ahead-01Courtesy: Situationalintelligence

With the world going digital, dealing with large data sets is obvious. Analyzing and testing being the major game changer for any business, Big Data development has off lately saw a lot of improvement. But, this is not it, there’s much more to Big Data and its benefits will be opened to businesses in 2017 once the research progresses in the right direction.

User behavior analytics and predictive analytics are used to extract the information required for carrying out business operations and optimize them for good. Big data analytics make it possible to easily retrieve data, as per your needs and as and when required.

5. Automation

2017 will be a remarkable year with the craze for automation only going up, showing no sign of slowing down. The combination of machine learning and automation has the power to give rise to a completely new age.

The number of tasks carried out manually will be reduced by 2017, with automation coming as the new ruler of the IT market.

6. Physical and Digital Joining Hands

Online shopping for grocery, clothes, footwear, internet banking, online ticket booking and online payments are all byproducts of digitally powered world. Experts say that, though this digital world is beautiful, it can be made more awesome by integrating elements of physical world into it.

As the idea has potential to grow, ecommerce businesses have started endeavor to include options of physical store such as Dash Buttons to serve customers better and better each day. The same goes true vice versa too. For example, traditional stores would be including digital features such as store map for easy accessibility of required products to customers. Get ready to experience the best mixture of physical and digital worlds.

7. On-Demand Services

Do you want food to be delivered at home or want to book a cab to go office? Get it done in few clicks. Whatever be your requirements, it can be fulfilled with mere taps on the screen of mobile phone.

Mobile app development industry has grown by leaps and bounds, having built an app for any task. This has spoilt mobile phone users to avail any kind of service. People have responded quite positively to these on-demand services, which further encourage its growth in the coming year.

What do you think about these emerging trends?

These predictions for 2017 are made by technological experts, which means there is some strong base to it and not completely futile. There can be additions to the list of trends, but the ones mentioned above are sure shot to garner attention in the coming year.

This forecast can help you to plan future business and corresponding marketing strategies. The list helps you to focus on key areas that will become more famous in future in a better way. You can even hire resources having specialization in these technologies to work on it dedicatedly. Preparing now is the right time to dominate the 2017 market, far outweighing your competitors.

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