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Nigeria located in West Africa, now joins the list of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world in 2015 - with economy projected to grow at 4.9 percent, according to a report recently published by Bloomberg. What makes Nigeria all the more lucrative for doing business is the potential the market holds as one of the largest free market economies in the African continent. Its 4 metropolitan cities - Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt Nigeria form the heart of economic activities.

Hidden Brains Infotech cherishes its long and strong business relationship with Nigeria. Our portfolio of retail, e-commerce and financial web and mobile applications including First Bank Nigeria website is a testimony of our familiarity and knowledge of the market conditions that can facilitate thriving business opportunities in Nigeria.


Hidden Brains team recently visited Nigeria, and is fascinated at the vast opportunities, warm hospitality, vibrant culture and the conducive business environment the nation holds. Not only was meeting our clientele a pleasant experience, attending the Social Media Week #2015 (February 23-27, 2015) Lagos Edition was just the icing on the cake.

Let us take you on a walkthrough to this memorable trip to Nigeria, for we believe pictures are worth a thousand words.

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