Using the free open source is not critical! But selection of right product of open source is most important factor for the website development as it affects the business in future when you again look for unnecessary changes due to wrong choice.

Making use of CakePHP is choice of number of experienced developers in the web world for using open source frameworks in website development. It was introduced just after ROR (Ruby on Rails) in year 2005. Just like other open source framework CakePHP is also based on model-view-controller (MVC) and in addition to this, a unique framework is integrated with Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) for database.

The most important issue for all the developers in the development of websites is cost, reduction in cost is very necessary for overall success of online business, experts suggests CakePHP for development of cheap quick and efficient websites. It is freely available on net and distributed under MIT license.

From the website developers point of view using CakePHP Web Application Development Framework helps in reducing duplication of coding. It’s just like cake very easy to use with compatibility features, as it’s compatible very easily with PHP4 and PHP5 and having great features such as Request Handling Components, Flexible View Caching, Built-in Validation and Access Control Lists.

Collection of extreme technical and non technical knowledge of all open source frameworks could be beneficial for you. Listing up advantages and disadvantages of all available open source products helps you take decision for best suitable for your business. Professional consultation is another option for the non technical businessmen for the development of website for their business.

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