Cake PHP – The Need of The Hour

Feb 02, 2012
Written in the widely popular PHP, Cake PHP is an open source web application framework that is compatible with both versions – PHP4 and PHP5. Similar to the concepts of ROR (Ruby on Rails) framework and follows MVC coding pattern, it provides a wide array of components, templates and extensions that benefit in reducing both development cost as well as development time.With the help of the support from Cake PHP community all over the globe, there is the possibility of development of variety of apps – ranging from simple to complex, and for small, medium and large businesses and enterprises, Cake PHP is used in almost each and every industry like – retail, banking, finance, utilities, games, multimedia, entertainment and much more.Cake PHP development is the future of platforms on the web. It has certain features like access authorization list, data sanitation, simplified querying, website directory independent and in-built validation etc. that makes it popular in developing website based apps for years to come.All varieties of web applications can be explored and developed by using Cake PHP.

Take a look at the given range of Cake PHP web development to know better:

  1. Business Website Development
  2. Entertainment websites
  3. Social Networking Website Development
  4. Portal Development
  5. E-commerce Website Development
  6. Real estate website development
  7. CakePHP Ajax based Shopping Cart
  8. Payment Gateway integration in websites
  9. Entertainment Website Development
For your business to expand and attain maximum profits, you need to reach out to a maximum number of target audience and potential customers. Thus, it is much needed that you develop a dynamic website/web application that is well customised to accommodate your needs apart from being attractive and highly functional.Hire professional Cake PHP developer teams from a reputed offshore development center from India for getting optimum solutions at an unbelievable price. They not only provide you with the required solution, but also make sure that is is high in terms of quality, is robust, feature rich and scalable.

You can avail the following services that are offered by many offshore IT development centers as their Cake PHP development expertise:

  1. CakePHP web Development
  2. CakePHP Customization
  3. Cake PHP module development
  4. CakePHP CMS
  5. CakePHP Integration
  6. CakePHP Extension Development
  7. CakePHP Ajax based Shopping Cart
  8. CakePHP Component development
  9. Payment Gateway Integration
So, when you hire any company to suit your needs, check whether it consists of specialized team consisting of well trained and dedicated Cake PHP developer. They assure Cake PHP rapid development by utilizing their talent and the latest knowledge in the framework and PHP....

A Business Benefit Tool – Adobe AIR

Jul 04, 2009
Degree of competition in the business is increasing beyond the average rate and businessmen all over the world are looking for more sophisticated ways to increase productivity anyhow. Improving technological strength is one of the best ways to leave behind and stand alone in the market.

Adobe AIR technology

For the development of robust desktop applications Developers all over the world are using various technologies according to their needs, Adobe AIR is new finest product for the development of feature rich desktop applications.According to “Adobe AIR is a cross-operating system runtime that enables web developers to use their existing web development skills, code and tools to build and deploy rich web applications and content to the desktop” and Adobe AIR has a rich set of features, with supports for building applications using HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Flash.

Business development with Adobe AIR technology

Adobe AIR is emerging as a great productive tool for business growth in the world of business, popular companies like eBay, AOL, and NASDAQ are using this technology to facilitate their customers in the arena of more useful desktop applications by engaging RIA. Big and small companies are optimizing this technology to maintain healthy & persistent business relationships with their customer base as it.Improved desktop functionalities are providing power to existing personnel, processes and infrastructure. Finally, companies are able to improve the productivity, decrease risk factors by lowering the cost as applications can run on all major platforms and surely companies are enjoying improved ROI.Intelligent use of any technology pays every businessman in higher return on investments as well as they can expand their market and improve the current business situations. Customers which are most important factor in any business, needs to be satisfied with products and services provided and they always expect new ways of performing & promoting business activities.New technologies like Adobe AIR improve the functionality of the desktop applications which helps the customers to get the new and innovative ways of presenting the things in better way.From the developers point of view Adobe AIR applications can be developed by using many other technologies for improving the productivity. Talented Developers are using JavaScript and HTML, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash CS3 Professional for the Adobe AIR application development.Ultimately application of fresh technologies leads to higher profits of customers and host companies as well....

Website Testing Necessity to Retain Online Customers

In the competitive world unsatisfied customer can work as destructive virus for a business website! Error – free execution of the website is very significant. In the web activities all the game revolves around websites and constant excellent functionality is primary demand of the website users.Awful functionality sufferings often can be seen on the net for website owner as well as customer using the website. Everyone likes robust website and “Website Testing” is the ultimate solution to avoid the ill-effects of bad websites.Website Testing is very common practice in the development process of the website but it should be done perfectly, so that website can provide error-free services throughout its life on the web. Website owner must do tough testing of the website before exposing on the web and eCommerce websites require special course of action in the website testing process for error-free performance.Significance of website testing can be realized very easily, as modern customers require work faster and trouble free, if one website is not serving well & leaving it unsatisfied, then they frequently shifts to another one.This un-satisfaction result in gradual customer loss to business, which ultimately turns in monetary losses and this situation in the online business, arises due to “loose website testing”.There are some instances in online business which shows the ill-effects of loose website testing such as if customer presses “back” button after entering some details on online vehicle insurance website in the purchase process, then website usually lost the entered data. An unexpected online ticket booking system termination often leaves the customer unsure, whether they had completed their booking or not.Internet is itself not 100% reliable for occasional problems and above all website flaws due to weak testing create problems for the buyers and sellers as well. For avoiding the hassles online businessman can avail third party website testing services from reputed companies which can take care of overall website testing.Basically website testing is a process of technical analysis of website, which requires analytical skills, imagination and special skills to locate the flaws of website within the typical environment of information & technology (IT).There are various services you get by using professional website testing such as professional company performs test plans & test cases, flawless execution of website, defect analysis & reporting, risk assessment as well as lucrative recommendations.Regular website testing through reputed website testing company provides maximization of website quality, performance & reliability, scalability of resources, lowering risk & cost and ultimately it also saves your time....

Website Maintenance to Achieve Ultimate Online Business Goal

Work is not completed once you made the attractive website for your business, keeping website alive is very crucial in the modern times to remain in eyes of your potential customers in the online business.Website maintenance is the way to make your customers return  to website again & again, for that proper functioning such as quick loading, fresh new designs at regular intervals, fast navigation, and fresh content is necessary.Doing the things ordinarily in the competitive online business market does not produce productive results and professional techniques of website maintenance such as regular technical & non technical evaluation of website helps businessman to know the weak parts of the business website.Hiring the professional website maintenance service provider is a good option to get along with modern trends of the online business such as professionals do the work with proper planning and improves quality of the website.For instance addition of timely photos, graphs, graphics and charts keeps your potential customers aware about your new offers about your business products & services.Professional website maintenance includes changing of website designs; image management, changing content, HTML changes, and web server administration, hosting services as well as search engine optimization and re-writing of texts to bring back over all freshness of home page.For making the presence of your business more effective for a long time and positioning your products and services in the brains of your customers, businessmen should maintain their website according to market a trends and demands of the customers.Grasping the customer’s choice for the website visualization and functioning can be achieved with proper reporting of the website maintenance. Without proper maintenance of the website businessman cannot achieve its online goals regarding reaching to potential customers, sales targets for products, etc.Online business management includes various activities which should be well coordinated and should be done timely to achieve the ultimate online goals of the business. Regular & on time website maintenance upgrades your business standard and always keeps you in touch with the changes, the degree of growth can be judged easily if you are doing proper maintenance of your website.For providing you proper management & control over the growth of your online business through your website, there is various specialized website maintenance service providing companies which are active. Hiring the reputed maintenance company can provide regular growth to online business and save your precious time which can be used in other parts of the business....

Usefulness of Microsoft SharePoint in the Websites & Bu

In the field of information & technology Microsoft is having a remarkable place and serving the industry for the past many years. It has introduced various technologies which are active in the web development and providing productive services. From the series of Microsoft products “SharePoint” is the popular platform & services mainly used as central hub in which all the important documents & business process can be stored.Sharepoint’s main property is that it can be smartly customized according to business needs by professional or expert developers. Most of the developers uses SharePoint for website hosting that can access shared work- places as well as documents from browser. For the creation & modification of websites developers or users can manipulate the proprietary content (web parts).To understand the Sharepoint clearly it can be seen in two forms according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia such as windows Sharepoint services3.0 (WSS) is the platform & included with Windows server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) provides additional services and is licensed separately.SharePoint is serving the web world for the past many years as developers have used it in many forms such as “SharePoint Portal Server 2003” and initially it was a mixed bag of technologies. In the contemporary business world organizations are seeking the best ways to achieve ultimate goals, most of the companies uses SharePoint in their customize form such as to achieve collaborations, for the content management as SharePoint provides attractive features managing website content, effective searches, records management, it can be used to implement business processes easily and many more.Microsoft.Net developers can optimize this technology by using the ASP.NET to provide web-based solutions, benefits offered to .Net developers are like they use to get a familiar environment to work, and they can utilize inbuilt features which can be extended, an integrated server for the office application development and development of wide variety of intranet & internet applications.Benefits of Office SharePoint Server 2007 are also very attractive for the business & office works such as it allows collaboration & social computing, world-class enterprise portal platform for the development of portal sites, with the help of enterprise search extensive content gathering & indexing can be done, enterprise content management and many more. Developers can use it with visual studio 2008.Microsoft has released various products & technologies of the Sharepoint and developers all over the world are offered to use this unique technology according to their specific needs. In the field of web development SharePoint is popular among developers as well as web users which can use various products and able to optimize them to fulfill their specific demands.Web development companies use to provide services in order to utilize Microsoft Sharepoint in the customized way for their clients, there are few popular services like Localization, workflow development, user interface customization and many more....

Role of Professional Consultation in Websites

Business world is critical without appropriate consultations as there are various factors effecting business according to its nature. Whether it is offline business or online business, without appropriate consultations with industry experts it is very critical to take correct decisions and move further for any development activity.Online business is not “cup of tea” for everyone as it has become more critical due to advanced IT technologies and regular innovations in the field. IT experts consulting before introducing any new online business or any kind of technological integration in the existing business is advisable for the more productive results.Website Development is the process of creativity and expertise as it requires talented professionals to understand the critical aspects of the online market and deep knowledge of the programming languages & designing aspects. Design & Development of the website demands for the knowledge of current web market trends and requires the appropriate understanding of the business nature to make the perfect match with technology as well as Web Market demands.Before introducing business on the internet its better to approach for the appropriate consulting firm or experts about Web Marketing as well as Website Design & Development.Some Plus Points of the Web Design & Development ConsultationIt is very obvious that first business has to be established then promotional activities will proceed accordingly. There are two types of professional consulting services are use to exist in the consultations of web development such as first is regarding professional website design and second is website promotion consulting services.Consulting firm and experts of the online web design & development should aware about changing business nature & trends, should be capable of implementing important strategies of the business, to make a perfect online solution in the form of good & interactive website for better online presentation of product & services.It is not necessary that all offline businessmen have the knowledge of web market and its critical aspects, to introduce the business on the internet there must be technical know how about the online web development field. Professional web development companies or experts are best way for the consultation about the introduction of your offline business to online web world.The most critical aspect of the online website promotion is correct Keywords & Meta tags, appropriate design of the website as well as attractive content enriched with appropriate keywords cannot be placed without professional consultancy.Next most important technical key factor of online web promotion is “Google Indexing” that only should be performed by technical professionals or consultancy is required to perform this correctly. Popular search engines have various parameters for indexing the website, to achieve the good index number in popular search engines there are certain practices should be performed by professionals such as:
  • Website link submission to popular search engine and directories
  • Articles and blogs submission
  • Development of RSS feed facility on the website
  • Taking feedback of the page regularly
It is advisable to take professional consultancy services regarding web development activities, as they are essential to get fruitful results from the competitive web market; it helps in increasing profits with online visualization of the products and services....

Agile Software for Time & Cost Saving Arrangements

Jul 03, 2009
Software development consists of various methods and processes, as it not only a technological work but many motives are also attached. For reducing the complexity in the development process developers all over the world always seeks simple ways of development.Agile software development is one of the great approaches followed by the software developers. By following this approach software developers can deliver worthy software to their clients and make them satisfy to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction. Agile software development is the theory of following the similar principles; agile software development is a group of software development procedures.Commonly agile processes are project management process which allows & promotes the regular inspection & adaptation, a philosophy which promotes teamwork, self- development and responsibility, a set of engineering activities which provide quick delivery of high standard software and a business viewpoint of development which helps in fulfilling specific needs of customers and company.Characteristics of Agile approach in software development Using Agile software development process developers use to develop the software by following complete lifecycle process of software development, development methods which can reduce the risks drastically and completes the development process in short span of time, Agile's approach of developing the software use to emphasis on direct communications of  the written documents such as developers do face-to-face communications, Agile projects of software development do not follow any corporate hierarchy and act cross functional as well as self organizing, Agile methods are generally more controlled and managed and on the other hand, traditional software development methods are flexible to situations according to experienced & expert software developers.There are various benefits of Agile approach in the software development such as developers can make the development project cost effective, project visibility can be maximized with smart use of Agile approach, project risk can be reduced, Agile approach provides options to track and review the project and of course helps in developing high quality of software.Agile approach for the development of software is popular among the global software developers, which allows them to develop quality software in short-run. There are various software development companies active in Agile software development to satisfy their clients and to provide them cost effective services....