PHP Application Development Will Never Fade: Find Out Why

Nov 28, 2017
PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages designed primarily for web development to build highly customizable and easy-to-maintain web solutions. As its popularity continues to rise, PHP is extensively used for developing feature-rich websites with advance functionalities. The creation of dynamic, interactive, reliable, secure and efficient web pages provides multifarious benefits.This statistics shows the percentage of websites using various server-side programming languages. PHP emerges as the top choice for development.But there is always a debate whether PHP Web Application Development is fading away and this language is often dismissed as unusable. So if you are working on a web development project from scratch, why would select PHP?

Evolution of PHP

The very first version of PHP was a simple set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binaries written in the C programming language. In 1995, PHP Tools was released to the public.

PHP 3 and 4

Formed the base of PHP 3, changing the language's name to the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Afterwards, public testing of PHP 3 began, and the official launch came in June 1998.

PHP 5:

Released in July 2004, PHP 5 was released after a great deal of development and several pre-releases. PHP 5 included several dynamic features such as improved support for object-oriented programming, the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension (this defines a lightweight and consistent interface for accessing databases) and numerous functionalities for performance enhancement.

PHP 6 and Unicode

PHP faced criticism due to lacking native Unicode support at the core language level and only supporting byte strings.


In 2014 and 2015, a new major PHP version was developed, which was numbered PHP 7.Here are the reasons to select PHP development for your web projects.

Accessible to Different Content Management Systems

PHP is accessible to different CMS and can help developers meet the needs to clients in terms of scalability and functionality. Several popular CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more are based on PHP providing a great deal of personalization

Power of Open Source

PHP is open source and constantly enhanced by the developer community across the world. This highly dynamic community of developers ensures that PHP language always remains in sync with latest technological updates. If you hire an expert PHP developer, you can redefine your online presence by involving the use of this technology. The constant development effort being put in by the developer community ensures that the language is commonly known and remains on a friendly plane during execution.


Compatibility goes a long way in seamless performance. PHP works well with LINUX, UNIX, Mac, and Windows as well as with Apache and MySQL. It covers all the bases and can be executed flawlessly on all different and popular operating systems. The language is equally effective for cross-platform development, which adds to its value as a cost-effective programming language.PHP is highly dynamic language allowing web developers and designers to create and add more updated functionalities to delight website users. Further, extensions and plugins help new developers cope up with the programming challenges.

Flexible and Dynamic

PHP-based web apps and websites are high when it comes to security. It is an encrypted language and easily scaled, lending to its dynamism and flexibility. The web apps refresh automatically without manual intervention. The language offers the greatest amount of flexibility compared to any other languages and can be customized to a great extent. An open-source language, PHP can be combined with different libraries for graphics and other special effects.

Easy to use

PHP has a quick learning curve compared to other languages. It is simple, clean and organized with well-organized syntax. This language is quick and easy to learn for new developers. Command functions of PHP are easy to decipher and does not require extensive training.One of the reasons PHP is widely used is it’s even a PHP developer who is relatively new to PHP can code because the syntax is similar to C. This makes PHP easy to optimize.Compared to other programming languages, PHP is one of the fastest when it comes to speed. If you are grappling with the problem of slow internet connection or poor data speed, PHP can help build a fast loading website.As observed, connecting to the database when attempting to fetch information from the database might be a long process. It takes considerable time to connect to the database and execute the statement and getting the data. PHP performs these tasks swiftly and is faster in connecting to the database as well as using in optimum use of other important applications.


It is important to understand, you need to evaluate your business objectives and developer team’s technical strengths before you select PHP development. Once you partner with a reliable PHP web development company, you can be rest assured of receiving a strong developer ecosystem support to leverage the power of open source. PHP development can help companies create a unique identity online....

How to Reduce Web Development Costs of Dynamic Websites?

Feb 21, 2017
Website development using WordPress, PHP, ASP.Net, AJAX, RoR (Ruby on Rails) and AngularJS technologies has gained momentum off recently since the time digital online presence of business became a necessity. The technology to be used for website development depends upon the nature of business and level of customization required.Are you confused on which platform should you choose for your website development requirements? Do not worry; consult experts from leading web application development companies to get deep insights on scope of expansion in the online world by developing a secured website.

Why should you consider outsourcing for website development projects?

Ground level rule of business is to know what are your strengths and weakness. Grooming the strengths and overcoming weakness with reliable help from third party can help in the growth of your business. While all of the tasks cannot be handled by in-house resources, procuring expert help who have mastery in that field is a safer bet.Outsourcing a project requires you to be vigilant of the authenticity and reputation of the company you are outsourcing the work to. If cost saving with quality work delivery is your primary motto then no country could be better than India.

Get affordable web development services in India

India is a hub to some of the best website development companies housing exception developers and designers. Target this country and search for a reliable source here that can work on your business website requirement within your budget.Get know-how of their expertise, quality of work and past projects by requesting for their work portfolio. These aspects will give you an idea of the kind of work handled by them. This way, you can judge on whether it is safe to handover website development work to them or not.In this process of gauging the capability of website development company of India, ask for the statistics on how many offshore projects have been handled by them. Getting clarity on such matters will enable you to make a wise choice.

Benefits of PHP Development in India

PHP is the most recommended platform for businesses that are looking forward to building a highly scalable and robust website. This server-side scripting language can be embedded into HTML code or used in conjunction with several web content management systems, web template systems and web frameworks.Following pointers explain why you should opt for PHP development in India:1. Work with experienced PHP developersGive your PHP website development project in hands of a reputed company and be assured of getting quality work delivered. Another way out is to hire PHP developer on hourly, part time or full time basis as per the urgency of your project.2. Budget-friendly ratesPHP development in India is preferable as it offers the most affordable rates when compared to development costs of UK, U.S. or Germany. Quality work delivered at cost-effective rates adds to the list of reasons on why one should outsource PHP development projects to India.In-house experienced resources would require you to pay a handsome monthly salary, which could exceed your overall budget of PHP development project. Hiring developers on full-time basis could save you money than investing on local manpower.3. Reduced OverheadOutsourcing project by clearly stating the deadlines reduces your overhead. The challenges and hindrances that come in the way of development do not bother you as all these issues are handled by web development companies.The responsibility for the development of successful business website is solely of the outsourced company. Once you delegate the work to a trusted PHP development company India, you can be rest assured to receive quality output at predefined time.

Wrapping Up

24*7 availability of technical team, friendly behavior of developers, high-quality work along with effort and cost savings have been the reasons for increased popularity of outsourcing to India. While outsourcing PHP website development projects to India seems to be good option, ensure to join hands only with reputed and established IT company....

MeteorJS vs MEAN Stack Development – Which One Works f

May 31, 2016
meteorJS vs mean-stack banner
Mean Stack is a collection of JavaScript based technologies to develop robust and secure web applications. MEAN is acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. MEAN is an opinionated fullstack JavaScript framework. MEAN applications can be written in one language from client-side to server-side execution.Node.js: Server side JavaScript execution environment. It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime and helps in building highly scalable and synchronized applications quickly and in a seamless manner.ExpressJS: Lightweight framework used to build web applications in Node. Inspired by the popular Ruby framework, Sinatra, Express provides several high-performance features for building single and multi-page web applications.MongoDB: Schemaless NoSQL database system. MongoDB saves data in binary JSON format, making it easier to pass data between client and server.AngularJS: JavaScript framework developed by Google providing some excellent features like the two-way data binding. It’s a comprehensive solution for rapid and robust front end development.MeteorMeteor is a free and Opensource JavaScript web framework written using Node.js, allowing rapid prototyping and providing cross-platform code for web, Android and iOS. Meteor offers relatively simple ways to build real-time mobile and web apps, entirely in JavaScript.With universal JavaScript, the same code runs from the client to the cloud, all the way to packages and database APIs. The same code runs cross browsers and mobile devices via Meteor's unified Isobuild system.Advantages of Meteor.JSDevelop with just one languageMeteor.js eliminates the frustration of web developers as Meteor allows developers to manage the front-end, back-end and the database with JavaScript. No more hassles of juggling multiple responsibilities or managing different front-end, back-end or databases.Scalability and Ease of UseMeteor’s Galaxy platform is a cloud service specifically designed for Meteor app deployment. With Meteor’s scaling platform, app deployment, and monitoring gets much simpler connected client apps. Galaxy comes with special devops to launch and seamlessly manage your Meteor app. It provides developers the chance of focus on core functionality.Galaxy always ensures the client code updates are coordinated with absolute precision to ensure a seamless and automatic upgrade experience for all clients - even while using the app.Supportive CommunityOne of the highlights behind Meteor.js happens to be a vibrant and supportive community and several helpful resources that will help you keep updated about the latest happenings in the world of Meteor. The official YouTube channel for Meteor has a wide range of meetups, tips, tutorials and blogs. All these resources will help you learn the basics as well as master complex concepts without any trouble.Quick Learning Curve for BeginnersYou don’t have to be a JavaScript whiz or experienced in developing web application to get going with MeteorJS. Basic familiarity with loops, variables and JSON will help you to get started with MeteorJS. In fact, Meteor is one of the easiest frameworks for beginners to learn with tons of community resources. Further, developer needs to know just a single language that makes life of developer much easier.Whenever you will come across an obstacle or are bogged down with an issue, the proactive and friendly Meteor community on several mediums will help you find a solution.Simplicity & PowerWhether you opt for Meteor or MEAN stack entirely depends on your business requirements and technical capability of your team. But there is no denying that Meteor will open your mind to a whole new world of possibilities. Even if you don’t opt for Meteor, you will be able to roll out MVP quickly and the framework has the ability to help developers to scale their apps.

Looking for MEAN stack or Meteor development services?


Web Design & Development Trends to Watch Out in 2016

Dec 21, 2015
Website Design & Website Development Trends of 2016
The web world is changing at a rapid pace. What’s a trend today might be horribly outdated in a matter of few months. With the year 2015 coming to an end, we are looking to embrace future in order to seize new opportunities. What are the new trends that will pop up in 2016 and which ones will fade out? Here is a roundup of web design and development trends for 2016.Flat Design will Continue to EvolveFlat design came into limelight when the world bid adieu to gradients. Very often the gradient was eliminated by selecting one single color and applying it across the spectrum. It became the new norm, when Apple dumped Skeuomorphism for the new flat design concept. However, not a great deal of thought was applied to this switch.A new trend of semi-flat design aims to eliminate the problems that flat design created by integrating depth and dimension of subtle shadows, card / tile, and transitions to help users.Material DesignGoogle launched Material Design concept, an all-new style language which uses shadow effects, movement and depth to create more realistic design. The 'card' concept makes maximum use of white space, shadows, intentions, and motion to provide a layered approach to design.With its minimalistic look, Material Design has a lot in common with flat design. However, It makes use of shadow to provide more depth when compared to flat design.While material web design project seems limited to app design, Google announced Material Design Lite which is more suitable for websites. It uses Vanilla CSS, HTML and JavaScript to add the look of Material Design to websites.MicrointeractionsMicro-interactions help users do several things such as communicating a status or the result of an action. Microinteractions are small experiences that play a role in creating the final impression. While many consider microinteractions as inconsequential, they are future of design. Think about micorinteractions as building blocks to accomplishing a task, connecting different elements, and data feedback.Each of these small interactions drives users to a path of more human-centered design. This concept transforms design in a more human-like manner and is a key to adoption and usability.Renewed Emphasis on OriginalityOne of the major problems that designers and developers face is that it is very difficult to look different. The mass adoption of WordPress themes and templates make sites look very identical and it very difficult to stand tall among competitors. Originality will become the trend in 2016. Here are few trends and iterations that will drive originality in website.IllustrationCustom illustration combined with animation will infuse much needed originality in websites. While there is no one-size-fits-all method or a proven formula to look different, proper implementation will require a great deal of planning. Storytelling is another way to stay original and connect with your target audience. This is a great way to showcase the product in-use, as well as provide user with direct access to view the product details.Customized TypographyOne of the most ignored aspects of web continues to be typography. If done correctly, typography can infuse life into your site. While fonts can be downloaded from the web, customized typography can put focus on your brand’s unique selling proposition.CinemagraphsCinemagraphs, a moving image provides an element of elegance and style when integrated to your website. They are light on bandwidth and much more interactive compared to still images.Rich AnimationsAnimations are now being used widely; taking site’s interactivity to a whole new level and creating intuitive user experience.  However, you can’t go overboard with this method and simply push animation on any part of the site.Large animations can be used as a primary interaction tool with the ability to create a deep impact on users with different types such as parallax scrolling and pop-up notifications. On the other hand, small scale animations include spinners, hover tools and loading bars.Here are different types of animations
  • Loading animations: Keeps users engaged during site browsing, perfect for portfolios and one-page sites.
  • Navigation and menus: Hidden navigation menus to save precious screen real estate.
  • Hover animations: Visible when user puts mouse over content.
  • Slideshows: Showcases images without overburdening the users.
  • Motion animation: Add interest to mundane forms, CTAs and menu items.
  • Background animations: Animated background to improve visibility of a site without distracting user.
  •   A Caveat:Don’t follow trends just for the sake of bandwagon effect or because they look like cool. Trends are popular techniques and additional way to reach out to your target audience. However, make sure that it works for your users before actually implementing it.Interested to know about mobile app development trends for the next year? Click here....

    What makes PHP Development the Most Preferred Web Technology

    Oct 27, 2015
    PHP or Hypertext preprocessor is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and effective web development framework for building dynamic web page design, website development and generating web applications.PHP web technology with the largest user base and community is loved by PHP developers for it smooth and easy usability - some of the many possible reasons for deployment being – rich object-orientation, powerful extensions and database connectivity. However, it is its simplicity that makes PHP websites engaging and user-friendly for users as well.Compelling Reasons to Choose PHP for Web DevelopmentAs a dynamic platform with rich features, PHP plays a defining role in designing trendy websites that are specifically targeted for business lead generation and increase in conversion ratio. Also, as a server side scripting language it enables the creation of user-friendly websites serving as the most robust platform for web development.IT’S FREEPHP is an open source web technology, which besides being free is readily available sans payment or any restrictive license. It is not only the perfect platform for businesses when it comes to cost effectiveness, in fact developers can create their own PHP version to power their web solutions.EASY USABILITYPHP framework besides being the easiest to learn and use, is a stable platform for developing attractive websites and this is one of the prominent reasons why most organizations are increasingly preferring to build PHP websites over others in the recent times.SUPERB PERFORMANCEWith excellent performance track record, PHP framework empower developers to complete multiple projects developed under PHP with ease and accuracy, besides yielding faster results.HIGH FUNCTIONALITYWith rich features and high functional aspects, PHP framework facilitates building highly interactive websites that not only integrates seamlessly with other web technologies, but helps drive maximum website traffic – essential for lead generation.COMPATIBILITY WITH DIVERSE DATABASESBesides MySQL that has been a common database source for PHP based web applications; Oracle, Sybase, Generic ODBC, Solid, Informix, PostgreSQL and IBM DB2 are compatible. However, the combination of PHP and MySQL is supported across all platforms.LESS CODINGPHP, the robust and reliable framework for creating highly scalable and secure programs involves lesser number of codes as compared to other programming languages. This gives developers the liberty to innovate with the platform and build customized solutions to fit specific business requirements.OPEN SOURCE IDESThe cost-effectiveness of website development in PHP technology can be further emphasized as the framework is equipped with several open source IDEs that saves the cost of spending money for IDE – paying only to hire PHP developer.CONSISTENT UPDATESPHP technology is consistently updated in regular intervals and made available at zero-cost for developers to stay updated to ongoing web technologies and trends.COMPATIBILITYPHP is compatible with CMS like Drupal, Magento, WordPress and Joomla, allowing developers to expand their scope of domain and customer base.PHP Web Technology - Driving Technical ExcellenceTechnically speaking, PHP is a robust scripting language with 32 percent share embedded into HTML source. Here, while the source is translated at the back-end through the PHP engine module, the output that is rendered is a webpage or HTML document.So, you can say that besides efficiently supporting third party development tools and technologies, PHP is also implemented at the server-end that turns out to be an impartial & individual interpreter for most operating systems. So what are the major benefits of imbibing PHP? Here are some of the most trusted offerings from any accomplished PHP Development Company:
  • Open source Customization
  • CMS Website Development
  • Web Services Integration
  • Enterprise Website Solution
  • Social Networking Websites
  • MVC Framework Development
  • ERP, CRM Development
  • E-Commerce Solution
  • Gaming Applications
  • Website Maintenance
  •   SYNOPSISPHP being an open source technology not only contributes to the cost-effectiveness of a project, it in fact is a much simpler language compared to any other web technologies like ASP.Net, Python or Ruby on Rails.Besides being the most popular and established in terms of it coming to origin, PHP is also the preferred web technology for online Database Management System (DBMS) – making it easily available for developers to edit, add and delete information from webpage or web app online.Have you built your business website in PHP yet?...

    What are the benefits of optimizing your mobile website?

    Dec 09, 2014
    Traditional desktop websites become difficult to view on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile optimized website are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In order to attract your visitors, you should offer them an easier access on their various devices. If your website is not mobile optimized, this would offer a bad experience to the end users. Hence, this can lead to a low CRO. More than 50% of the people browse the websites on mobile devices and tablets.Top benefits of optimizing your mobile website:Improved user experience: Mobile websites are specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. The users do not like to access a desktop website on mobile devices. Mobile optimized websites improve the user experience to a great extent. It ensures client satisfaction too. Having such mobile optimized website would create a positive impression on the customers.Faster download speed: According to a recent study, the mobile users wait for an average of 6-8 seconds for the website to load. They are likely to leave the website if the website doesn’t load completely. As mobile websites are specifically designed for the mobile devices and handsets, they offer optimal download speed. This means that there would be less waiting time and faster download speed. If the website is not mobile-optimized, it may not load properly on mobiles. The users would be able to save a lot of time while browsing such websites on handheld devices and tablets.Improved mobile SEO: It is known that mobile websites offers improved rankings on the search engines. If you want to enhance your rankings, you should definitely opt for mobile optimized websites.Easier navigation to social media: One of the major advantages of mobile optimized website is easy to navigate on the social media. The users can easily locate the social media icons and this would help your website get social media traffic also.Stand out of the competition: Mobile optimized website offers a great brand identity and also helps you stand out of the competitors. If your website doesn’t look good on smartphone, the users will switch to your competitor’s website which can be a loss to your business.Mobile websites can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. The users get an opportunity to access your mobile optimized websites from any device and they get optimal user experience. QR Codes bridge the gap between print and web via mobile and this adds a new dimension of communication to any advertising.If you’ve made up your mind for optimizing your mobile website, you should look for an expert agency that can help you communicate with the targeted audience in a short span of time. It is important to take the advantage of mobile optimized websites in today’s competitive world and get the maximum ROI.The mobile web has proved to be beneficial in communicating with the audience. Optimize your own business site and take your business to the next level.Contact us if you want to make your website mobile friendly.Next to read.. 1. Build your Website with Flat Design 2. Mobile App or Mobile Website: Which is Better for your Business? 3. Top Reasons: Why mobile sites matter for your business? 4. ASP.NET to Redesign your Site for Mobile Interface 5. Escalating – Mobile Applications...

    Mobile Media to Promote your Business

    Jul 10, 2013
    For any type of business, it is very important to have an online presence. If you do not have an online presence, then your rivals who are not good in their products and services may also take away your potential customers. Probably this is the reason why, every business owner believes in web portal development, so that more and more customers could reach him. But these days, having just a website is not enough. Most of the people now own smartphones and tablets and nearly every task that was done earlier on PCs can be done on these devices. So it is very important to have a website that supports mobile devices as well. If your website is not responsive, then you could be missing huge community of customers. Furthermore, you should try to advertise your products and services on mobile devices in different ways. One of the simplest ways is to send text messages to random numbers. This way is more effective than radio and television advertising as most of the people will check the messages instantly. Those who are interested will contact you or buy your products. You can also offer free coupons or promote special products through mobile ads. You can also send Multimedia Message Service with images, audio or video to enhance the effectiveness of the message marketing. Since nearly every smartphone supports internet, most people use it to check their mails so you can do the standard email marketing as well. However, remember that different phones have different capabilities, so send the mails in both HTML and plain text format so that user can easily view it on a mobile device. After websites and messages, one more effective way to find your potential customers is Apps. Yes, when one thinks about smartphones, apps are the first thing that come to mind. Smartphone users use various types of applications. Your advertisement may appear as a banner on the screen, when an app is opened.The final and of course a quite effective way to use mobile media for your business promotion is to look into QR codes. They resemble bar codes and act in quite similar way. These codes can be used to store information such as URLs, coupons, or contact information. However, this technique will work only for the smartphone users, as some special applications are required to scan the QR codes. So, these were few of the effective and smart ways to market your business through mobile devices. Use any of them to find your potential customers. ...

    Open Source Technology for Better Web Projects

    May 15, 2013
    With the way the tech world is changing, more and more businesses are moving to open source development. Open source customization provides the ability to create innovative and creative applications that could suit the business needs of any organization. It involves tailoring open source CMSs or scripts like Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce and Mambo to grace the website with superior looks and functionalities.Wordpress and Joomla are the most commonly used open source tools for web development. Wordpress is most common software preferred by the bloggers across the world. The seamless user interface of the tool makes content writing, publishing and organizing very easy and quick. It can be used to make a full featured website with functionalities like E-commerce, forum and Job-portal.Joomla is a web based software that allows creating impressive websites even without the knowledge of of HTML, CSS or PHP. Its admin interface gives more control over look and feel of content in different parts of the website. There are numerous other amazing open source software as well; all having their own special features and functionalities.Various companies employ open source techniques to set up their websites or improve the already developed ones. In the web development world there are numerous open source products available for creating vibrant websites and other commercial web applications.The use of these technologies helps cutting down the expenses in the development of the websites or applications, to a great extent. It is because these open source tools are available for free of cost.Customizing the open source resources consumes lesser time as compared to writing code for the entire set of features in the application. Customization can be used in every aspect of web development right from mere templates to high end CMSs, CRMs etc. With a customized open source service, the users can eliminate the chances of problems like lack of good documentation, user training problems, lack of product support etc.Furthermore with this approach, users get the freedom from vendors and they are also free to change software. Open source customization has a huge community to support it and help the new developers. The amateur developers can get help to solve their queries, debugging problems, technical solutions and for regular updates.Furthermore, those who are looking for an economical system that might require changes or additional functionalities within a given budget, must seek for open source customization services. Because, if they choose to buy a commercial software, not only they will have to incur the initial cost of buying, but also more money will be wasted on adding extra features, getting technical support etc.With several open source technologies available in the market, there are many options to choose for web applications development. For customized web app development, you need can hire expert developers, who can build flexible, powerful and scalable websites and applications....

    How to Increase Security of Java Web Applications

    May 03, 2013
    Java Internet applications are well-known for their insecure nature and vulnerability to virus threats. As per a survey report supported by WASC and SANS, approximately 84% of Java web apps are unguarded against the XSS (Cross-site Scripting) attack.If we dig in-detail, there are a variety of factors, which elucidate the reasons for such a vulnerability of Java web applications to possible threats.However, from the wide range of factors which contributes to the insecure nature of Java applications, the one that ranks among the top is “risk unawareness”.It is often seen that professionals involved in the Java application programming are unable to utilize the HTTP protocol functions efficiently and are thus unable to analyze the real causes of vulnerabilities.Various other elements which results for the susceptible and weak structure of Java applications, are:
    1. XSS (Cross-site Scripting) attack
    2. Unsuccessful attempt of restricting URL access
    3. Unsafe Cryptographic storage
    4. Absence of proper Authentication and Session Management
    5. Information leak and Inefficient error handling
    6. Insecure Communications
    7. Insecure Direct Object Reference
    8. Malicious file execution
    The above-mentioned list clearly indicates the reasons, why Java web apps are potential and easy targets. Therefore, it is imperative to find an efficient solution which can ensure the complete safety of Java web applications.Ways to Increase Security of Java Internet AppsProper placement of files in right directories - Java web apps incorporates a wide range of components such as, JSP files, image files, Servlet classes, etc. Therefore, it is important to store the files in a legitimate manner, in the appropriate directories.Safeguarding through Security parameters – Another way to protect the Java web applications is by properly defining the security parameters. This approach enables the user to provide a specific set of privileges to the unique resources via URL mapping.Strict Authentication – By specifying a definite set of authorization constraints, you can put an end to the unauthorized usage of the application. Authentication process will allow the user to explicitly define roles to various resources, which already have an access to the different URL patterns.Direct Ways to Overcome the Vulnerable Nature of Java Internet Applications
    1. Using J2EE access control systems
    2. Efficient utilization of Secure Cryptographic Solutions.
    3. Utilizing elements and features provided by the application server or web container.
    4. Using Internal log systems and avoiding relay of error information
    5. Implementing SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol
    Conclusion Nowadays, the Java web frameworks are more concerned in providing feature-rich applications, and they overlook the most important element of the application i.e. “Security”. This results in the development of unguarded and vulnerable Java web apps.However, the situation can be avoided by hiring efficient Java application programmers, or by outsourcing Java application development work to the companies with hand-on experience in the field....

    Useful Tips for Efficient PHP Apps

    Mar 05, 2013
    Taking your business online is not an easy task. It is not just about creating a website and making it live, but also depends on building an interactive and effective website that attracts the visitors and provides them high usability.Different aspects like company's strategy for managing and deploying solutions and interactivity of the website play the most critical role in the accession of an online business.These apps assist in making reliable and secure online businesses. Numerous scripting languages are deployed in building these apps. Among them PHP – the server side scripting language is one of the most preferred technology. If you are using this language, then here are some useful tips that you need to consider for the most efficient PHP app development.

    Effective Coding:

    For a quick website development, it is important that the programming should always be short and sweet. Long codes not only increase the complications but also lead to numerous errors. This implies that in case of revising the code at the later stage, it becomes effortless.With short codes, it is quite easy to find the errors and solve them. In PHP app development programming, writing less codes offers greater benefits due to simplification of process. .

    Use Updated Versions of Text-Editors:

    Usually, PHP coders carry on their work on notepad. But, the higher versions of text editors allow more effective coding as it saves a lot of development time.Updated editors with the advanced features of color coding, makes the whole development process uncomplicated. PHPEdit, EditPlus2 and Dreamweaver are some of the text editors used widely.

    Reusing the Same String and Script Multiple Times:

    Make sure to download and save all your old scripts. As these scripts might be useful in your future PHP development projects. It saves a lot of time and money as you need not to code a new string from the scratch. Additionally, since this set of codes has been already used in the earlier projects, the possibility of making errors negligible.

    Regular Back-Ups:

    In any development process, taking regular back-ups is the most essential step. It is the most difficult and annoying situation, when you lose your codes accidentally. Therefore, scheduling backups and data checks on a regular basis is really helpful and eases the PHP development processBuilding a highly scalable and amazing website is one of the primary steps involved in promoting your business online. PHP is popular in creating interactive websites and web applications. For this, you can outsource to web development or hire a PHP developer, who can build effective website helping you to reach wider audience around the world....