Image Processing and its Critical Technical Operations

Jul 04, 2009
Use of striking & interactive images to the online presentation increases the visualization! Value addition to images can be done by image processing methods. Image processing is the process which uses electrical engineering and computer science for making the image more visually attractive.In the competitive world use of images in the website design & development helps to add value for making the website dynamic.Growing use of images in the web presentations is helping the companies of large as well small scale, as they are enjoying the eye catching presentation of the products and services. ECommerce websites and various other websites of numerous different industries are getting great benefits of product display for attracting their customers respectively.Using images in the websites for the display of large range of products have brought revolution in the online presentations.Random or un-processed images do not produce favorable & attractive effects to any presentation, so making the images more visually attractive is necessary. For the better visibility and adding more value to any image, image processing professionals perform various technical operations; these activities are called image processing operations.Image processing operations make the images visually beautiful by doing number of adjustments in image size, color, brightness, contrast, etc.According to Wikipedia there are various typical activities come under image processing operations such as:
  1. Geometric transformations of operations in which processors do enlargement reduction and rotation of the images.
  2. Color corrections is process in which images undergoes for the adjustments like in brightness, contrast and conversion to a different color space.
  3. Digital compositing or Optical compositing is the process of combining two or more images, which is commonly used for the filmmaking.
  4. Interpolation, demosaicing are the processes which are used for recovering the full image from the raw image format by using the Bayer filter pattern.
  5. Image editing is the process for increasing the quality of image.
  6. Image registration is the process for the alignment of two or more images.
There are other various critical operations which come under image processing operations, above-mentioned operations are very common for increasing the image value. With the increase of image usage in the websites various web developing companies have started providing the services of image processing for their clients.There are various professional image processing services by the image processing professionals to increase the value of images to use in websites or any other online presentations.Scanning & photography, image re-touching, blending & texturing, removing (objects, backgrounds, people, from images), cleaning & cloning, image re-touching are few popular image processing services which can be received from the web developing companies....

Designing a Brochure in Standard Course of Action

Jul 03, 2009
Among various marketing & promotional tools brochure plays a significant role because companies can define their products & services in customize way. So brochure designing is to be done sensibly for attracting customers.Brochures may be designed in introductive style for the newly introduced companies in the market and they can be designed for existing companies which are already doing business. It is very natural that presentation style for both type brochures will apart from each other but more it depends on marketing & promotional strategy of the company.To understand the theory of brochures they can be divided according to their use, such as companies design brochures to fulfill their specific marketing & promotional needs at regular intervals of time.According to thoughts of various intellectuals, experienced marketing managers and experts in brochure designing, before getting into this process companies or individuals should do necessary research & development work, such as:
  1. Collection of various brochure samples from market of similar concept to get the idea of latest prevailing trends in the brochure designing.
  2. Keeping a thought of target customers in the brain will let the brochure designer to move in specific direction.
  3. Keep the content of brochure in simple & easy-to-understand language for displaying necessary information with clarity about company and its products & services.
  4. Organize your brochure content and try not to leave negative space and use this space for highlighting company’s important information.
  5. Proofreading of content will help to get rid of mistakes
Brochure designing for the companies which are already serving their customers for the long time or having certain goodwill is different from the newly introduced companies.In the matter of existing companies some of them want to improve their goodwill through brochures and another motive of designing the brochure of pre-existing companies is to make aware their customers with new products, schemes, new offers, discounts or display of other promotional information for customers.Brochures of the new companies should contain the maximum information about the company and highlight to main work of the company. Cover design of the brochure should be striking; content should be well managed with highly convincing headlines and text content which can give reasons to customers for doing business with the company.A perfect core message reflecting language of the textual content can be written by professional writers only and even professional brochure designers also use professional writings.Brochure designing for the pre-existing companies is quite different such as brochure does not reflect any spiky look, as the purpose of launching brochure is only to make aware the familiar customers about new schemes or certain new discounts or offers of the company.Brochure should reflect the message of strengthening the business relations through friendly language for long term business.Hence, under standard course of action in designing the brochures a professional brochure designer should include company logo, matching color, impressive text, communicative graphics and pictures and maintain perfect balance between all these elements for making brochure purposeful....

An Overview to Designing for Businessmen

In acquainted world of presentations it is necessary for every online or offline businessmen to have some knowledge about designing & development. Graphic designing provides the online presence to business in many forms such as websites, logos, brochures, business cards, book design, magazine layout, newspaper layout, etc.Now what is essential in graphic designing is very necessary to know, for making the online presence catchier according to creativity. Graphic designing is used by the technical artists or professionals for the purpose of visual communication through various elements such as images, words, ideas, different colors, etc. Graphic designing is the process of combining the various images, words, creative thoughts by using typography, visual arts and page layout techniques.There are various fields where graphic designing works out very effectively such as magazines, web design, advertisements and product packaging. Web designing is the vast field where graphic designing plays significant role as in the current times almost all businesses are using web for making their online presence at global level and graphic designs are good option for attractive online visual communication.There are various critical but interesting responsibilities of graphic designer make the communication more live; graphic designer uses various media types such as websites, posters or package with the help of graphic software program. There are varieties of graphic software programs available in the market such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, coral draw etc.There are various elements of graphic designing which are used for putting up the creativity into visual and communicative form, now it is up to graphic designer how beautifully and effectively he can do this work. From the series of graphic designing elements there are few most important components like shapes, lines, colors, font types & size, photographs, art related to main subject, illustrations to make understand the core meaning or any other important issue of the main subject.Shapes are the most important element in the graphic designing because only shapes can be used for the layouts, creating patterns as well as for building unlimited other related elements. With the help of graphic software, designer can make his work easy in creating & manipulating the shapes and he can freely use creativity in making different shapes. Lines are used for dividing the space, content and creating the forms in website designs, newspaper and magazine designs.Further, various kinds of lines such as dotted, curved, zigzagged can be used for defining number of elements on page. Now most appealing element of graphic designing is color, which can be said as responsible factor for compelling the viewer to spend maximum time on page. Use of different types of font sizes and number of illustrations for making the page more communicative is the art of graphic designing.Conclusively a productive and attractive combination of various graphic elements and graphic tools such as computer, software, graphic design books and sketchpad is called graphic deigning....