LAMP – Bunch of Technologies for Applications

Jul 04, 2009
Websites are used in various contexts in the present contemporary world. As the usage of websites have been increase increased for the last few years in the online business world and for social interactions. Simultaneously, web development tools have also increased to fulfill the increasing demands and to make the web development simpler. For the simplification of the web development developers all over the world have invented new techniques such LAMP technologies.Originally LAMP is the bunch of technologies used by the developers for the website development and other web development work. LAMP stands for Linux (operating system) it helps the user to work well by providing all possible facilities in regard of operating system such as multi-user environment and security without any limitations, Apache (Web server) it works to handle requests & provide responses after interpreting the requests what they mean, MySQL (database management system or database server) and PHP Programming language as it works for running the server side application by programming.Using the concept of bunched technologies was popularized in early 1990s according to web intellectuals and popularity of LAMP is not because all these technologies work well for each other or they are appropriate match for each other. The reason for the popularity is low acquisition cost and all the components of this technology bunch exists everywhere or can be accessed easily everywhere. Moreover, all the technologies in the LAMP are open source technologies.Components of the LAMP are popular all over the world in the field of web development, as all these technologies are freely available on the internet so it helps in developing cost effective database driven websites. In the increasing competition website development work has become costly and using LAMP architecture results in low cost web development.eCommerce website development have taken rise in the last few years and developers from countries like India has adopted the LAMP architecture for developing cost effective eCommerce websites for rising demands of the clients from offshore countries.Not only the development of web applications, developers have used to develop desktop applications also by using Microsoft .NET and LAMP technologies together.Regular developments in the information & technology are helping web development industry regularly and LAMP gradually helped the online business industry....

Feature Enrichment of Website with Drupal Templates & T

Jul 03, 2009
Using the existing website in the increasing competition of online business may be risky as mounting demands of the customers creates complex situation for the online businessmen. It is very essential to enhance the website efficiency as well as appearance to co-ordinate with excess demands of the customers. So website development should be in such programming language which allows the integrations easily in the future for the complex situations.Enhancing the appearance & functionality of pre existing websites by integrating is the potential key in the modern competitive online business environment. According to experienced online business experts Drupal content management system allows high standard templates and attractive competitive themes for the website development.As it is well-known, Drupal is one of the potential open source products, which provides high standard flexible features and ability to adjust in complex online business situations. Drupal can be used to develop various types of websites, portals, blogs, directories and applications and it allows high level of integration and modification, such as easy module installation, easy maintenance, specific modifications in features according to need.Reasons for the popularity are many like all technologies does not allow much flexibility and Drupal is a multi-platform software which supports all popular operating systems, it performs same on Windows, Mac OS X, Apache, Linux, BSD, etc. It is used all over the world by the IT professionals as well businessmen from many industries, as it is designed as Multilanguage software, it provides graphical user interface, for the improvement of functionality it provides modular framework which allows pluggable module, customization to improve the presentation quality according to users creativity.In any website, theme provides the attractive visualization, themes development in Drupal is very easy and they can be integrated easily to websites for improving the visualization. Drupal allows writing themes by using PHP template engine and XTemplate engine, according to technology experts since after the launch of 5.1 versions these two templates are used for the development of beautiful themes.Integration of new advance features of the Drupal open source content management can bring the drastic changes in the system functionality which can help to improve the performance level of the website and ultimately the online business.Drupal provides wide range of features and allows high level of flexibility for the website development, use of template and theme integration in the existing websites can be done perfectly with good practice. For the optimum utilization of the Drupal features anyone can take professional services from the reputed web development company....

Evidences for efficiency of CakePHP Framework

Web application framework is the system which can be reused as many times by the developers for the development of web applications and websites. Frameworks are reusable designs which may be consist of various supportive programs, code libraries and a scripting language. It’s a great concept of re-usability for the web development by the developers for increasing efficiency.Open source have gifted various such useful frameworks which are proving their excellence in the web development, such as CakePHP is one of the popular web application framework which is written in PHP programming language. It was introduced in the web world just after Ruby on rails concept in year 2005 and distributed all over the web sphere under MIT license.Using frameworks written in any language helps the developers to concentrate more deeply on the core business requirements rather then spending precious time on other technological issues in the website and application development. Among various frameworks of open source prevailing, CakePHP holds good position due to its many technical features such as:
  1. It helps the developers to make interface with database and active records
  2. CakePHP follows architectural pattern of model-view-controller
  3. It has great compatibility property with other programming languages such as PHP4 and PHP5

Some basic features according to

  1. Feature of Built-in validation
  2. Feature of data sanitization
  3. Feature of Application Scaffolding
  4. Router for mapping urls and handling extensions
  5. Security, Session, and RequestHandler Components
  6. Utility classes for working with Files, Folders, Arrays and more
  7. Helpers for HTML, Forms, Pagination, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, RSS and more
For the development of large complex systems, frameworks are the best mode for saving time and reducing complexity of the project. It helps in increasing productivity of programmers as using frameworks puts restrictions on more choices during the development.Commonly frameworks have various features such as they provide security, URL mapping, database access & mapping, catching of documents, etc. Using CakePHP framework helps in reducing development cost as well as developers are facilitated with writing less code for the development of websites.CakePHP framework is having all the features for the development of dynamic web applications and websites to fulfill most of the expectations of the online mass. According to experienced developers in open source technologies CakePHP is cost effective method of developing web applications.Most of the CakePHP users evidently say about cheap & quick development of web applications and websites. Still one should consult professional for the correct advice before taking any decision....

Disciplined & Planned Avenue for Online Stores

ASP.NETStoreFront is Best Avenue of setting up, designing, promotion and management of eCommerce store! There are millions of online shops active on the internet providing eCommerce services, some of them are well-organized and are able to perform best on the expectations of the online buyers because they are managed professionally and capable to deliver error-free eCommerce services.Online store must fulfill some basic features like good shopping cart, smooth order processing, error-free payment gateway & more than one option of payment, easy shipping process for the safe delivery of the products.Online shoppers must maintain the balance between variety of products and equally supportive eCommerce services to customers and this miss management of the online store leaves the customers to frustrations. ASP.NETStoreFront is the best option for the professional management of the online stores. It is complete online store management tool which is equally fruitful and user-friendly for the buyer & sellers.For facilitating the merchants, creators of the ASP.NETStoreFront offers this software for management of online stores in the professional way.Developers all over the world prefers ASP.NETStoreFront software for providing customers a complete online store management system, more than five thousand developers love to work with this technology and more than ten thousand merchants are using this technology for managing the online stores.Software is admired by the merchants to improve site traffic with attractive features like customer accounts  re-order prior item option, viewable history, up sell & cross-sell options, one-page checkout, discounts best sellers and coupons. Moreover, it provides high level security by protecting the merchants and their customers from fraud online activities as it is certified by PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) according to of any online store management system lies in strong administrative features for the management & control of the store and attractive presentation of the products & services at the front. Organized demonstration of the products and smooth functions such as fast page loading and frequent navigation system for the total visualization of the products is equally necessary for the good eCommerce solution.For starting new retail online store and development of eCommerce website, implementation of ASP.NETStoreFront is the best choice for the professional management & control and effective presentation of products.For the error-free use of this unique technology and for optimum utilization one should take services of professional web development companies if you do not have expertise....