Android Security: Know Why Mobile Developers Need to Impleme

May 28, 2015
Google I/O 2015 is one of the perfect occasions when the world looks forward not only to the key announcements that are to be made, but also to the strategic decision at the core that can change the future of how mobility is perceived. In this article, let’s talk about Android security.As most of you are aware, Google has made some significant developments by adding multiple security enhancements to the platform to improve Android security in 2014. This was an utterly necessary step considering the popularity of its Android mobile operating system, and the associated security threats that looms with it. But have we been able to get over the threat perception? Perhaps not.While Google proclaims that more than a billion devices benefit from Google Play's security mechanisms, it is blatantly true that Android users still face quite a number of non-trivial challenges and prominent security risks.[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="528"]Android Security Development Banner Click to enlarge[/caption]Android Security – Significant Developments in 2014
  • Enabling deployment of full disk encryption.
  • Expanding the use of hardware protected cryptography.
  • Improving the Android application sandbox with SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux) based Mandatory Access Control system (MAC).
  • Developers provided with improved tools to detect and react to related security vulnerabilities, including the SecurityProvider and the nogotofail project.
  • Providing device manufacturers with ongoing support for fixing vulnerabilities related to device security – along with development of 79 security patches.
  • Better adapted to respond to potential susceptibilities in key areas, such as the updateable WebView in Android 5.0.
IDENTIFYING THE LOOPHOLESAs per Google's report on Android Security,  “By February 2, 2015, Android 4.4 has become the most widely distributed version of Android with over 41 percent of Android devices that check in to Google services running Android 4.4 or greater”. So the catch here is identifying the loopholes and creating viable solutions for it.
  • Android app developers has a crucial role to play in implementing Android security. It has been identified that in spite of Google trying to help app developers improve SSL transport security for Android apps by providing developer resources to educate and help improve the state of mobile SSL, not many mobile app developers implement SSL correctly.
  • Now with Android 4.4 representing almost 41 percent of Android devices, it is understood that more than half of all Android devices and the majority of Android users are running older software. Thereby, the challenge and the risk not just remains confined to the older versions of Android being actively maintained or patched by either Google or its Android device partners.
TAKEAWAYS & IMPLEMENTATIONS in 2015Google besides releasing 2 major milestone updates to Android in 2014, with Android 4.4 and the Android 5.0 preview; reveals in its Android security report that it has provided 79 security patches for Android in 2014.
  • Addition of SELinux controls in Android 4.4. SELinux provides an auxiliary layer of security policy and control to shield running processes and applications. Beginning with Android 5.0, you will find that there are even more security enhancements including improved full-disk encryption and verification mechanisms.
  • Enhanced Android Security features supports use of the Google Safety Net technology that aims to provide security for all Android applications a user might install (even the ones that were not installed from Google Play). Elaborately speaking, Google's report explains that Safety Net "detects and protects against non app-based security threats such as network attacks."
  • It has been widely known by now that Google is scanning every single mobile application that finds its way on to your phone, irrespective of whether you downloaded it from Google Play or a third-party source.
SYNOPSISGoogle has always been very clear about its deliverables and aspirations regarding the implementation of Android Security. While Google’s systems use machine learning to realize patterns and make connections, which is beyond human capability; its app store Google Play can help analyze millions of data points, asset nodes, and relationship graphs so as to build a high-precision security-detection system. The addition of the Safety Net from Google empowers Android Security as it helps scans all apps regardless of their source/origin....

How To Get Maximum Downloads For Your Mobile App?

Apr 08, 2015
Building a mobile application gives shape to your app idea, but the purpose and process of app development is complete when the application is downloaded and installed by end users. However, app downloads isn’t as easy as it sounds. With over millions of apps in the app market, getting the right exposure for your new app is essential. In fact, the real test for a mobile app begins post app launch. So, what do you do to get maximum downloads?Proven Methods to Generate Maximum App downloadsPost app development, it is essential for you to discover new ways to encourage users to download your mobile application. The two major factors that determine the popularity of your app are the curiosity levels it generates among the users and user feedback after using the application.Let’s talk about a few proven ideas that can help to grow traffic to your app. Here are some useful tips to get maximum downloads for your mobile application:1. User EngagementIt is essential to engage the potential users for the mobile application. The app features should be developed keeping in mind the end-users. Moreover, it is essential to convey the benefits of the app to the user. A crisp, keyword-filled description might make your app stand out of the crowd.2. App DescriptionYour app besides having a catchy title, should have app description that is concise and straight-to-the-point. Look for a unique app name that attracts the users and raises curiosity for downloading the app. The App description should clearly communicate the various functions the app possesses. The title and the body of the description should be keyword-rich and easy to understand.3. App IconAs the adage goes, first impression is the last impression; your icon is the first thing that will draw users’ attention to your application. Hence, make sure that your mobile app has an attention-grabbing icon that represents your app in the best possible manner.4. Submission to the App storeIt is important that your mobile app fulfils the criteria defined by the App store. Whether you develop an app for iOS or Android, it should follow the rules and guidelines so that the app gets an approval in the store. Make sure that it complies with all the rules and regulations defined by the App Store.5. Get noticed via Social MediaSocial Media is the latest buzz in the IT industry and so, it is important to spread the word about your app on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can also build your network and request your friends and followers to share the app on their profiles.6. Make some noise with a Media ReleaseCreating a sensational media release for your app is important to build its credibility. The designing and branding of the application should be done before the app gets submitted to the App Store. A free trial version of the app can be rendered to allow the users have hands-on experience of the app.7. Create a specific website for your appOnce the app is deployed in the mobile platform, you can build a website for the app to help users get the required information about the mobile application. You can place screenshots and videos so that users know what the app actually does.8. Create App reviewsReviews are a great proof that can convince the target audience to download your app. You can also ask your friends or acquaintances to write reviews about the app on the website as this would encourage the users to download your app and put reviews too.9. Blog about your appIt can be a great idea to blog regularly to promote your app. You can have a blog integrated to your website or you can have a separate blog to share information about the latest updates and news about your app. You can take active part in the forums and polls to discuss about your app and spread the word about your mobile application.10. Advertise your applicationThough this is a traditional way to increase the number of downloads, it surely works for most of the apps. It is an expensive option and only a few app owners rely on this method. You can even try out some free classified ads and link exchange programs to give an impetus to the number of downloads. If you have a budget for advertising, you can think of placing ads in the several social networks and app-related websites.Wrap UpThere’s no one sure-shot way to increase the number of app downloads. If you want to increase the popularity of your app, you can use a single or combination of the above-mentioned strategies that help you achieve the maximum ROI....

Top 8 Myths about enterprise mobility solutions for business

Feb 17, 2015
No one can deny that mobility is the new IT and if businesses are not leveraging its potential, they’ve definitely got their business IT strategy wrong. Enterprise mobile apps help to boost the productivity and give your business a competitive advantage. Mobility surely helps to make the business more agile and improves the communication between the employees. Almost all the types of business, irrespective of the size, can employ enterprise mobility technology to improve their business processes.Though many organizations have realized the importance of enterprise mobile apps, there are certain myths that interfere with the decision making process of the businesses, when they are planning to adopt enterprise mobility solutions for their business. Let’s have a look at the few myths and learn how they can be avoided:I don’t think my business is ready for such solutions: The universal fact is: All the businesses are ready for enterprise mobility and the ones who say that they aren’t, probably do not know the importance of the solutions. Every business that strives to improve the work performance should adopt mobility solutions. Mobility solutions help to bridge the gap between suppliers, employers, partners and customers to streamline the flow of business information between them. Aren’t all the businesses looking for a competitive edge?Mobility solutions have limited scope: We believe that this myth comes from the thought that mobility is only about the apps and apps have limited scope. The fact is that mobility offers endless opportunities and possibilities. You can consider apps as an additional tool to perform various tasks. The good news is that you can do a lot of tasks using mobility as it has unlimited scope.Enterprise mobile apps are costly: This is one of the most popular myths among the business owner. They assume that along with the development costs, there would be costs involved for training the employees for using such solutions. Some people just stay away from enterprise mobility because they think that it would be a huge investment.While hiring professional experts for mobility solutions, you can get a quote and compare the money that you need to invest and the returns on investment. You would be amazed to know that the returns would be higher than the investment you need to make.Security issues: This is another common myth that enterprise mobility solutions do not come without security concerns. It is a thing of past now. Enterprises have found ways to minimize the risks of security concerns. We can expect the things to improve in the coming years.Employees would not be interested to use enterprise apps: The employees should make the best use of the tools provided to them in order to improve the efficiency of the business. Using such apps would provide a sense of comfort and security to the employees. It is the employers’ responsibility to make the employees get comfortable with enterprise mobility solutions.Mobility requires infrastructural investment: This is a common belief among the people that once enterprise mobile apps are employed, it would require infrastructural setup. The fact is that there would be no need to make investment for expensive infrastructure. You will not need to make much investment for integrating the use of mobile apps through BYOD in your business.We have a mobile site, so we don’t need an app: There are many business owners who give this answer: “We already have a mobile website and hence, we do not need an enterprise mobile app.” Well, the benefits of a mobile app and enterprise mobile app is completely different. A website helps to create brand awareness, while enterprise app would help the employees perform certain tasks and improve the productivity.Let me think over it: Some business owners spend some time thinking over whether they should employ enterprise mobility within their organization or not. The time is now! You should not wait to employ enterprise mobility apps as it would benefit your business in a big way.Hopefully, some of the common myths have been busted and you might have realized the importance of enterprise mobility. Look for the best solution that results in strategic growth of your business.If you need enterprise mobility solutions, visit:

What are the latest mobile app design trends for 2015?

Feb 11, 2015
With the advent of 2015, the mobile apps industry experiences a drastic change. With more than 2 million smartphone users across the globe, more and more businesses are developing mobile apps to increase their sales and build a strong brand recognition. Almost all the mobile and smartphone users make use of devices and handsets to access the internet, shopping, utility apps, gaming, etc. Mobile apps satisfy the functional needs of businesses and also add some fun element. There are thousands of mobile apps available under different categories.2014 has seen tremendous changes among the mobile app development industry and it is unavoidable to overlook the mobile app designs. It is important that the app should have an eye-catchy and user-friendly design that appeals to the end users. As mobile app design is trend-driven, one should keep an eye on the latest market and industry trends and grab the attention of the potential users.What’s new in 2015?1. Colors, colors and colors: Go trendy with vibrant and bright colors when you are developing a mobile app. As colors have a great impact on the overall experience, it is important to choose the colors for the app wisely. Whenever a user browses the App store, colorful mobile apps impress them. You can try comparing a colorful app with a mostly white app. You would find the difference. The users can make out whether your app is fun, friendly or elegant merely through the colors. In short, the colors used in the app determine its personality.Deploying simple color schemes in the app make the mobile app more interactive. Such color combinations can help to optimize the “Flat design” and the users can access the app easily.2. Simplicity and clarity: Since the last many years, the designers have been working for simpler designs. Wondering why simpler designs are better? According to Google research, simpler websites are easy to digest. The users need cognitive efforts to access the complex websites. Clean interface displays the content in the best manner and the users can scroll and scan the pages. Simple and clean interface is the need of the hour.While developing an app, make sure that you do not waste application users’ time. The application design should be powerful enough to impress the audience at the first sight. The audience should know what your mobile app does and how to use it effectively.3. Different design style: Elegant yet sophisticated designs for the mobile apps will hit 2015. Depending on the type of business, a simple mobile app with unique features should be created. For example: If you are developing a tattoo art mobile app, you should look at hundreds of similar apps available in the market and think of some additional features you can add to make your app unique. If you are not sure about the design, you can speak to the industry experts and get suggestions.Besides developing a clean design, you can think of deploying the layered interface. This would offer 3D like experience to the smartphone users and offer a great user experience.4. Innovative ideas – Think out of the box: There are millions of apps available on the App store. How many of them are unique? Well, there are very few apps that offer something out of the box, right? The product or service you offer may be unique, but it is important to have a unique idea for mobile app development. In 2015, businesses need to come up with out of the box features to create unique apps to attract the users. In order to make your app stand out from the crowd, you should come up with some unique idea.5. Alluring images: While browsing through the App store, you would come across several apps that use a wide range of attractive photos. What is the importance of pictures in an app? The pictures are also used as content and design element also. Photos would play a major role in the success of a mobile app in 2015.6. Integrate social media: Social media such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook have millions of users. The functionality of your website can be enhanced by integrating social media. The users get an option to share your mobile app with their friends or other people who are there in their network. It is an easy way of marketing as the users can directly “Like,” “Share” and give “+1” to your app.7. In app events / Seasonal features: It can be a good idea to integrate push notification features so that the users can update the apps without having the hassle of downloading and installing. This would also help to promote offers during the festive season.8. Decline in native apps: 2015 will notice a drastic change in the mobile industry and it is expected that there would be a decline in the number of native apps being developed. The war between native apps and web apps would come to an end as native apps will decrease in the market in 2015.An overview:
  • Number of apps will increase rapidly in 2015.
  • Clear UI and color combination will be the king.
  • HTML5 will rule the plethora of mobile app development.
  • Phone is no more the only Smart device.
  • Chat applications will continue to lure the users.
  • Improvements in Mobile Payments.
New trends have already created a buzz in the mobile app development industry. By 2015, such trends will take the mobile apps industry to a new level.Visit us:, If you are looking for mobile app development services....

Why use mobile apps for competitive advantage?

Jan 21, 2015
Most of the business owners look for apps created to offer competitive advantage they need. What’re you concerned about? To improve the productivity and the performance, right? So, if you are wondering how mobile apps can help, you should know that there are more than 1.75 billion people using smartphones in the world in 2014. This number would be increasing every minute.There’s a lot a smartphone can do. If you want to optimize the brand value for your business and boost the productivity with the help of mobile apps, this is the right time. Trends have shown that mobile phone users utilize the apps for several purposes. Let’s have a look at how enterprises use them. Improve brand value: The increasing popularity of the mobile apps compel the organizations to develop unique apps. Your competitors are going mobile, when would you build mobile apps to make your business grow? Most of the businesses focus on establishing their brand on social networks also and this is a good thing to do. They place their products and brand online to get increased exposure and helps in building customer loyalty.Companies need to keep pace with the fast growing competition and hence, it becomes to increase the brand value. Use of mobile apps helps the customers start showing trust in your brand. Hence, you can expect increased profits. To boost the productivity: This may sound strange, but it’s true. Organizations would need to use mobile apps to improve the overall efficiency. Mobile applications help the employees stay connected with each other and also with the clients. This helps to communicate faster and decisions can be made faster. Introducing mobile apps within the business organization helps the managers to keep a check on the employees’ progress and they can also address to the issues faster. In short, the business operations become smoother and it ultimately helps to boost the productivity. The Benefits: Let’s have a look at a few competitive advantages your business can enjoy because of the mobile app: Speed and ease of availability: One of the major advantages of mobile apps is that it offers speed to the business processes. For example: The employees can use mobile apps to access the documents rather than spending a lot of time on desktops or laptops. The employees can also schedule the meetings and contact other people immediately from anywhere, at any time. You do not need to have to get back in office. So, the business processes become smoother and the speed is boosted with the use of mobile apps. Logistical operations: Till now, we’ve discussed about mobile apps helping the organization’s internal operations. If you have multiple offices across the globe, mobile apps help the employees collaborate between the groups. The outsourced workforces can also be involved in the communication via mobile apps. Advertising: Businesses can use mobile apps to advertise to the clients. The clients would carry their smartphone devices always with them. Make your mobile app ads visible on-the-go.Many biggies have revamped their apps for enhancing the customer service and improving the operations. Most of the business organizations have already been using mobile apps to improve employee output. If you’re not, think about it! Mobile apps success stories: Financial organizations like Citibank has revamped its apps for offering smoother customer service and banking.Pizza giant Dominos has come up with user friendly interface to give the users the facility to place orders online virtually from any nearest kitchen to their doorstep. The pick-and-choose process is loved by the users.WSSC, a water and wastewater utility, has launched a mobile app that facilitates the payment of bills, report the problems and monitor the water usage also. Users can now track and map the issues related to the existing problems in the area. The app also helps to manage the call volume, paper expenses and call handling times. Conclusion: To put it succinctly, mobile apps aren’t the future. They have already been here and are a great way for your organization to reach the audiences and stay competitive in the market. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you should build quality mobile apps to stay competitive in the industry.Next to read......

Advantages of using actual devices for mobile app testing

Jan 16, 2015
Mobile apps can be tested using simulators or actual devices. Some developers and mobile app development companies use simulators for testing the apps while some others use actual devices. It is advisable to use actual devices for testing because it gives the real environment and at the same time, it ensures that the app delivered would be high quality.What is a mobile simulator?
  • A simulator is a tool or software application that works similar to the actual environment or the device. Here are some major benefits of mobile simulator:
  • Simulators are convenient and easy to use. They are considered to be an inexpensive option for testing the app.
  • Most of the simulators can be downloaded for free. Hence, there would be no need of purchasing any simulator online.
  • App installation is faster on the simulators and so, testing the app on multiple simulators becomes convenient. There are minimal chances of slow network issues. It is faster to test the app with simulator.
  • The testers get complete access to the local storage on a simulator. It helps them understand how the app interacts with the local storage.
Why is it beneficial to use actual devices? Despite all the advantages of simulators, many developers know that testing the app on actual (real) devices is a full-proof approach. There are certain limitations of a simulators and hence, it can be a good idea to test the app on real mobile devices.Though simulators mimic the actual testing environment, they are good to be used during the initial development phase. When it comes to complete testing of the app, you can use real devices.It may be expensive to test the apps on the real devices because you would need to buy the devices. With new products and updates being launched every day, you may need to change the devices also with the changing market and industry trends. If you want to deliver a better user experience, you should think of investing in the latest versions of devices.What are the benefits of testing on mobile devices? Before delivering the app, you need to test the user interaction. Using a mouse and keyboard on the simulator is totally different from using a finger on the mobile devices. It is advisable to invest in for the actual devices for testing the app.Next to read..  ...

6 Ways to Convert Your Mobile Visitors into Customers

Dec 25, 2014
The number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. Practically, everyone owns at least one mobile device or tablet these days. Business owners all over the world seek to reach more and more customers on mobile.It is a known fact that the mobile users are a little impatient and would lose interest in your products or services if the website doesn’t load properly on the handheld devices. Do you want to convert your visitors into customers? Here are some quick ways to do that:Create a mobile friendly business website: This is the first step to reach out to the potential customers. You can create a mobile-friendly version of your website and reach a larger audience. It is important that your website has clear and concise content. Your website should load within the minimum possible time. This would help the visitors get a great browsing experience on your website.Display mobile banner ads: Businesses can invest in mobile banner advertisements and the ads would lead visitors to the mobile landing page. The users should be land up to the page where your products and services are showcased. Your website should also offer convenient payment methods so that the clients can make the payments.Generate user friendly content: It is very important to publish user-friendly content on your website and it is even more important to keep adding fresh content to attract the visitors and keep them engaged. You can also add a blog to your website to offer informative and useful content to the target audience.Take the advantage of social media platforms: Mobile social media is an emerging field that is considered to be an effective method to reach more and more customers. You can also retain the existing clients and expect repeated business from them. Mobile users access social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to get and share the information. You can easily reach a wider audience when you start using mobile social media for your business.Create QR codes: It is a good idea to create QR codes for your website. It would help the mobile users access you directly. QR codes also enable the business owners to direct the visitors to your mobile landing page. The users will be able to send emails or call you up.Market your products via mobile emails: Most of the business owners neglect mobile marketing via emails. The fact is that there is an increase in the number of users accessing emails via their mobile devices. B2B companies and mobile marketers can stay connected with their customers, send regular updates and promotions.Apart from the content, your mobile website should have complete contact information that includes address, email ID, phone numbers and URL of the regular desktop website. Inserting call-to-action improves the chances of converting visitors to potential customers. Visitors do not prefer filling up lengthy forms. They prefer using click-to-call feature rather.Next to read.....

Is it a good idea to build a mobile app for business?

Dec 19, 2014
Mobile apps are an inevitable part of one’s life. With the increasing use of smartphone and tablet users, there is a growing demand of mobile apps for different platforms. Mobile apps keep the customers engaged with the product and also increase the brand awareness. Developing mobile apps also helps to generate new customers. However, the common question these days is whether your business needs a mobile app or having an online website can do the needful. Having an online presence is very important, but you should have a mobile app to add value to your business.Here are some of the popular reasons why you should develop mobile app for your business:Customer engagement: The best thing about having mobile apps is that it engages your customers. For example: If you have a restaurant, you can create a mobile app and offer discounts and coupons to the customers to make them interested and engaged in your products and services. You can also share the recipes and allow the customers to submit their recipes. It would be a good idea to help the customers get access to the menu where they can place an order online or make an online reservation. No matter what business you are into, you should think of unique ways to keep the customers engaged in your brand.Earn with your app: Many small companies avoid building mobile apps just because they feel that a lot of investment needs to be made and there would be no returns. This notion is absolutely wrong. Mobile apps help the businesses earn a good amount of revenue. Though developing mobile app requires some handsome amount of investment, you can plan the things and save a lot of money. You can hire an experienced agency that offers the best mobile app development services at affordable rates. There are several ways to reduce the development costs. Once the app is developed, you can also opt for app marketing strategies and make the most out of your app. Talk to the experts for app monetization techniques and make a lot of money.Reach more customers: By developing a mobile app, you would be able to reach more and more customers. You would be able to spread the word about your company by having a mobile app. New users can also find your brand by generic search. You can add information about your app to the social networks so that you can reach a larger audience.Showcase your products: Business owners can use their app to showcase their products and services. The users who would visit your app should be able to view your products and services. It is essential to keep updating your app so that the target customers can know about the new products. Introducing discounts and promotions can also help your business reach new heights.Conclusion: The mobile industry is booming these days. It is advisable for any small or large enterprise to develop mobile app and make the business grow. This would surely produce great results in a short period of time.For more details on mobile app development, click hereNext to read... 1) Top 5 reasons why mobile apps fail? 2) Top Reasons: Why mobile sites matter for your business? 3) Gear up mobile app development with new iOS 8 4) I want to develop a mobile app – What’s the cost? 5) Best Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps 6) Future Trends of Mobile Apps According to Developers...

I want to develop a mobile app – What’s the cost?

Dec 16, 2014
How much does it cost to develop a mobile app? - This is a common questions asked by the business owners when they are planning to develop a mobile app for their business. There are many factors that are taken into consideration while answering this question. Some of the common ones that can help in determining the cost of the app are: What features would be there in the app? On which platform would it be built? Who is developing the app?Do you really want to build a “decent” app for your business? Unless you are an experienced programmer, app creation is not an easy process. You would need to invest in for hiring a designer, programmer and tester. You should also take into consideration the additional costs.Hiring the right app developer: The hourly charges of hiring the developers would depend on many other factors. There are many freelancers and established mobile app development companies. It is important to hire the right developer for building the app.Many business owners make the mistake of hiring inexperienced developers and they repent later on. One should never compromise on quality for the price. Cheaper developers can produce poor quality work or even take a longer time to complete the project. If low quality work is delivered to you, you may need to get it fixed or redone. When you search for mobile app developers, look for the ones who have a proven track record of developing the app. It is important that the programmer you hire has at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the industry.What kind of app are you developing? There are different types of apps that can be built for various categories and industries. The app can be built for education, entertainment, utility, social networking, business, etc. There are different types of enterprise apps also that can help your business grow.What platform do you choose for app development? You can develop apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows platform. Depending on your requirements and the targeted users, you can select the best platform. One can seek professional assistance to pick the right platform for developing mobile app.Additional costs to consider: 1) Testing is an important part of any app development project. The cost you would need to pay for testing the app would depend on the size and complexity of the app. Most of the mobile app development companies include the cost of testing in the quote while some charge hourly fees.2) You would need to pay a certain amount to get the app submitted to the App store. You may also require server support and maintenance costs.3) While getting the estimate for the app development, you should consider the cost of marketing also. This would help you plan your budget in a better way.There are lot of decisions that you would need to take if you have decided to develop a mobile app. Talk to the developers and try to get a proper estimate before you sign a deal.Next to read.....

Should I opt for iOS or Android platform developing an app?

Dec 02, 2014
The world has transitioned into the mobile-era and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular these days. People all over the world use smartphones for performing a variety of tasks like banking, social media, entertainment, playing games, etc. Looking from the users’ perspective, both the platforms – iOS and Android are almost the same. Both of them have widgets and are quite secure and table. From the developer perspective, there is a substantial change among these two. What’s the confusion? While developing mobile apps, the general question that comes to the minds of the business owners is: Which is the right platform? If you are looking for developing a productivity app and confused with choosing among Android or iOS, you should decide what features and functions you would require. Both these platforms are leading the market with hundreds of apps developed on a daily basis. No matter what mobile platform you choose, user experience plays a major role. Apple iOS: Apple iOS is the game changer of the mobile phone industry. Known for style, swiftness and perfection, Apple is the trusted choice of millions of users worldwide. The Apple Store has about 1 M apps available for buying or downloading for free. Most of the business owners create great apps for iPhone and iPad. How are both the platforms different? The major difference between the two platforms is their programming language as iOS uses Java while Android uses Objective C. There’s a tie all over the internet discussing which language is superior. The truth is that both of them come from a decent framework. Hence, it is difficult to say which one is better than the other. Moreover, there are different types of development tools and 3rd party libraries for speeding up the development process.If you’ve thought of developing an iOS app, you need to remember that Apple has strict and rigorous review process. Once your app is completed, it has to pass through the quality checks. What makes Android a preferred choice is that it is available for a variety of phones and tablets having different screen sizes while iOS is available only for two devices with different screen sizes. On the other hand, Android devices are considered to be cost effective as compared to Apple devices. So, what’s the conclusion? There’s a tough competition between Android and iOS and the two are trying to grab the space and take over the other. On the whole, none of them can be stated as the front-runner as each of them stands as a king of their own kingdom. If you want to reach the biggest audience and monetize your app, the best option is developing a cross-platform app. Talk to the expert developers and make the right decision after considering all the factors.Next to read.....