Future Trends of Mobile Apps According to Developers

Apr 18, 2013
With the advent of the first smartphone by Apple Inc., a great revolution has swept the mobile world. Since then, hoards of new and innovative smartphones have been added to the caravan of mobile phones.Never before were the people so better connected to one another or the business was more efficient. Moreover, for most of the enterprises, mobile phone is an unprecedented opportunity to reach the vast audience around the world.The evolution of mobile smartphones has also boosted and expanded the app development industry covering iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobiles. With the changing times, we are also experiencing massive changes in application structure as software development companies modernize the way of building applications.However, app developers around the world are thinking about the future of mobile apps. Most of them say that by 2015 they will be building apps not just for the smartphones and tablets but branching out to different arenas such as televisions, foldable screens, Google glass and game consoles.Further, the automobiles like cars and trains will have the GPS apps built for them. We can imagine a day will come when innovative apps will drive the cars themselves, while we can work on the way to our offices.In a survey, developers have rated different mobile OS according to their preferences. They showed average rating to HTML5 framework, just for its cross development capabilities and frequent updates.Apple is always the ruler for the developers interested in building iOS apps. On the contrary, the survey shows a fair choice to create Android apps as 76% programmers are interested in this OS.Besides this, developers show low interest in building applications for Blackberry platform and also claim that Windows 8 is promising due to the fact that the programming for both the desktop and tablet is quite easy and interesting. These are just the views of the developers about their personal choices.With all the different Smartphones in the market, the future for the mobile apps look extremely promising. Moreover, applications are showing explosive growth. So, the programmers have to keep up with the changing trends and be well acquainted with the latest updates in order to build the most engaging, attractive and productive apps for the users.With the technology advancing, and the users demand varying and growing, it becomes a challenge for the mobile app makers to bring out new innovative apps.The professionals also need to focus on the changes and understand the futuristic vision to build apps that deliver contextual customer experiences. Moreover, they have to look at what is in-store for the modern applications over the next few years and have to be prepared accordingly....

Joining The Race with Advanced Technologies – Windows

Apr 15, 2013
Back in the year 2004, the Windows mobile used to have 23% market share in Smartphone Industry, and everyone expected that the OS will surpass its closest rival Symbian by 2010 and acquire the position of leading mobile operating system. However, the strategy didn't turn out as planned, and in 2012, the windows mobile got stuck at fifth position behind Apple, Android, Symbian and RIM.At that time, customers didn't know that Windows Mobile 8 will break all the records and re-enter the market with a "Big Bang". The huge success placed the Windows mobile developers and development back in demand. Experts however have anticipated that the Windows mobile OS will hold 21% of market share in the Smartphone industry by 2015, acquiring an overall growth of 67% for the OS.The latest Windows Mobile OS version i.e. Windows Phone 8 is based on the Windows NT kernel. Known by the code name “Apollo” before the release, the new windows operating system replaced the older Windows mobile 7 OS which was driven by windows CE based architecture. Released in October’ 2012, feature-rich Windows Phone 8 is packed with wide range of functionalities and attributes, which includes -
  1. Support to devices with larger screen size
  2. Multi-core processors
  3. Near field Charging
  4. Compatibility with Windows Phone 7 apps
  5. Re-designed Home Screen
  6. Wallet Hub (Integrated NFC payments, Coupon Websites and much more)
  7. Better Security, Improved File Support
  8. External Storage card support
One of the main advantage of Windows Phone 8 OS is the simplicity and friendliness of its user-interface. Also, with Microsoft being the most widely utilized platform for OS, it offers a comfort zone to the programmers to design and develop business/ consumer applications.One can see the popularity of the windows apps by the fact that, windows apps store was announced in the fall of 2012 and the apps count has already reached the 35,000 mark.The Windows Mobile Application Development process mainly require a specific set of tools and technologies, which includes -
  1. Metro UI
  2. .NET / C# (C-Sharp)
  3. XNA Framework
  4. .NET Compact Framework 3.5
  5. Expression Blend, SilverLight
  6. SQL CE/SQL Lite
  7. DirectX/C++
  8. HTML5/CSS3
  9. Liquid Layout
  10. 2D/3D Graphics
  11. Visual Studio
Also, the programmers or developers who are already working on the Microsoft technology will have no barricades to hold them from creating Windows Phone apps.However, it might be possible that Microsoft's Windows Phone may not sweep the market entirely, and iOS and Android OS continue to stay at top. The probability of Windows 8 walking the same path as travelled by the Android is quite high, i.e. providing OS free of cost, easy customization and much more. In that situation, organizations which already have applications for the new hand-held devices will get the advantage.Therefore, if you like Windows Phone and want to have a windows app for your personal or business purpose, it is better to hire Windows mobile application development company, and earn profitable returns....

Best Free Educational Android Apps for Students

Apr 10, 2013
Android has one of the largest smartphone market shares with 500 million devices activated in total and still growing. Challenging iOS in every category, it is pouring in 10,000 more apps than its rival.Moreover, it has become world’s widely used mobile platform overtaking other operating systems. Looking at its numerous advantages more and more people are using Android based devices.Nowadays, students are also using the latest android based devices, which are coming into the market. Not ignoring this fact, android app developers are optimizing some of the apps especially designed for students. These educational apps are extremely useful and can help students in many ways in their academics.Let us explore some of the useful educational apps for the students.


A duplicate of “ time table” app, Skedule is a cool app for students, with numerous hed features. It allows you to add instructors, courses, todos and homework. With highly interactive user interface and calendar functionality, Skedule helps to organize the overall academic structure including various lecture schedules, exam schedules and many other curriculum activities.

Advanced English and Thesaurus

Get your pocket dictionary quite handy with a huge lexical database comprising of the new words. Compared to the classic dictionary format, this WordNet dictionary is standardized with a convenient and innovative approach. The network of meaningfully related words helps to better understand the word meanings.


An excellent offline eBook reading application on Android platform. It supports different types of file formats such as CHM, TXT, PDB, UMD, HTML and Image files. Along with a real book page flip, iReader supports auto-scrolling in cover mode. You can have good reading experience with screen settings based on day and night theme.


With Mathway, you get the power of solving the most difficult math problems on your android tablet. With the free version, you can get the instant answers. Moreover, by upgrading to the premium membership, you can receive step-by-step explanations.The various Math sections covered are Basic Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Trigonometry. With millions of problems already solved, this math app is one of the favorite apps among students.

WordPrep Flashcards

An excellent app that shows up flashcard on demand to help people learn vast vocabulary faster. One of the most promising features of WordPrep is that you can browse the words alphabetically, randomly, or sequentially. Moreover, you can even star difficult or important words, and can revise on demand. With the customizable features, the app helps you to prepare for your GRE, CAT and other competitive examinations.These are just some of the most promising android apps specifically build for the students.Apart from these apps, there are plenty of other educational apps in the Android App store. If you have any great idea for the students app, you can share with us or hire an android app developer, who can help you run your app on the Google Play....

Tips to Make Your Mobile Game Successful

Apr 02, 2013
Playing games has been a very important of human life. Since the evolution of mobiles, mobile gaming has become one of the best options to enjoy fabulous games for free. But the meaning of mobile gaming (iOS, android, Windows Mobile) totally changed with the rise of touchscreen devices, like smartphones and tablets.The developers working on various platforms need to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies being used. Apart from that, they also need to know about some of the tips and tricks which may help the game get success.

Understand The Market Needs:

Before designing the game, you must observe the market. You must understand what the users like and which type of games are in demand. As per experts, the games which enter the market with an absolutely new idea have a high risk of failure. Working on a concept that people already understand can help you get success.

Keep It Simple:

Keep the story of the game simple. The rules must also be easy enough to understand quickly. Make the goals and the moves clear. Users won’t like to spend much time trying to figure out the game. This will make the game easy to pick up later.

Keep The Players Engaged:

Players don’t have much patience for boring games, so capture their attention right from the start. Make your game so interesting that players may love to play it again and again. Keep them engaged in the game.

Continue to Delight The Players:

Make new levels in the game that can be completed quickly. Most games are played in for several minutes, not several hours, so make it easy for the players to play some levels quickly. Otherwise, they may get bored.

Test your Game:

Once you are done with the design and development, make sure to test the game before launching. These tests can help make your game better for its increased longevity in the market. Don’t forget to get the feedback of the players.

Make it Inexpensive:

In the world of numerous free mobile apps, most of the gamers won't like to spend more than $0.99 on a game. The lower the price, the more it will be played by the users.So, if you have an idea for a superb and exciting game in your mind, just get started. Follow these simple tips while designing the game and wait for the success which will follow....

iPad Mini vs Google Nexus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – A

Mar 19, 2013
Are you looking forward to buy a 7 or 8 inch tablet? The Apple iPad Mini, Google Nexus 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 are at the top, in this series. Still confused, which one to choose? Don't worry, just go through the article to compare the specs and take your pick.


Galaxy Note 8 has the classic design of the Note series with round edges and a plastic back lid. The Nexus 7 has an elegant design and a textured back for a better grip whereas iPad Mini looks the best with a premium body and solid construction.Also, iPad Mini is the thinnest and lightest among all and Note 8 is about 2.5 mm thinner than Nexus 7. But still, Nexus 7 is most portable while the iPad Mini comes second on the list.


Galaxy Note 8 boasts an 8 inch display with 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution. Nexus has 7 inch screen with 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution while iPad Mini comes with a 7.9 inch display and a resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels.Note 8 has the biggest screen of 8 inch screen, still it has the same 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution as the Nexus 7. So Note 8 loses the pixel density war with 189 to 216 ppi, as the Google tablet is only 7 inches. iPad Mini is the worst of the three with just 1,024 x 768 pixels resolution and 162 ppi pixel density.Again iPad Mini and Nexsus 7 come with IPS displays which provide better colors and better viewing angles than the TFT panel of Note 8. So finally, Nexus 7 is the winner in display.


Note 8 sports an Exynos 4 Quad chipset along with 1.6GHz quad-core processor and Mali 400 MP GPU. The 2GB RAM makes the tab very fast. Nexus 7 has a quad core 1.2 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 chipset with dual-core 1 GHz A5 processor and 1GB RAM whereas iPad Mini has just 512 MB RAM and dual-core 1 GHz A5 processor. Clearly, Note 8 wins the hardware battle.


iPad Mini comes with iOS 6.1 while Nexus 7 has Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. While the Nexus is upgradable to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the Note 8 already runs on the upgraded version. With the iPad Mini, you will get optimized apps for the S pen stylus which allow drawing and editing photos in Photoshop Touch. It also has handwriting support.Moreover, Note 8 comes with Samsung TouchWiz UI which includes some popular features like Pop up Play, Smart Stay, or a 1 year subscription for Awesome Note. Also, the Note 8 can be used as a remote control using the Smart Remote app.

Storage and Connectivity:

Note 8 and Nexus 7 come with 16 GB and 32 GB variants while the iPad Mini has 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB internal storage options. Unfortunately, iPad Mini and Nexus 7 do not have SD card slots. Note 8 and iPad Mini offer WiFi, 3G and 4G while Nexus 7 does not offer 4G support.Undoubtedly, the Note 8 is a powerful and attractive device with better technical specifications. Additionally, the Apple and Google tabs stand strong in the competition. So just go for the one that better suits your expectations and requirements....

Some Amazing New Features of The Jelly Bean 4.2

Mar 16, 2013
It was October 2008, when the first android powered device was sold. Since then the android application development industry has seen many changes. On November 13, 2012 Google released the much sought after upgrade of Jelly Bean 4.1.The first devices to run jelly bean mobile platform were LG's Nexus 4 and Samsung's Nexus 10. Some other smartphones have also joined the list and some are expected to join it soon. HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Sony Xperia Ion are some of the most popular devices working on the new flavor of the Jelly Bean.The Jelly Bean 4.2 has come up with many new and amazing features to make the platform even more exciting. The silky smooth performance of the new android Jelly Bean platform has added much more gloss to the Jelly Bean. So let us take a glance of some of the best features of this mobile operating system

Go Wireless:

This version of Jelly Bean supports new wireless display settings through which you can share whatever is there on your device on your HDMI enabled TV. All you need to do is just connect a wireless display adapter to your TV to mirror what’s running on your screen. You can display images, YouTube videos or movies to any TV that is HDMI-enabled.


Daydream is one of the most innovative features of this updated version. It is an interactive screen saver mode that starts when the device is docked or being charged. In this mode, the device displays useful and pleasing information.With this built-in application, the device can be turned into a picture frame or you can customize it to show most recent news from Google Currents. However, this change in the system is better suited for devices having a larger screen.

Widgets on Lockscreen:

Widgets are very easy to manage with this version of android. When the user places the widgets on the screen, everything else moves automatically to make space. In short, they get resized on their own if they are too big in size.Moreover, these widgets have been brought to the lockscreen. So now, users can add their desired widgets to the lock screen. Hence, they can access widgets just by swiping to the left or right without the need to unlock the device.

Gesture Typing:

Google has made writing messages on the go, a much easier task. You just need to glide your finger over the letters you want to type, and keep lifting after each word. the keyboard has an ability to anticipate and predict the next word, so that the user can finish the whole sentences just by selecting the predicted words.Also, you don’t need to worry about spaces as they are automatically added. Furthermore, voice typing feature has also been improved with better speech-to-text capabilities and more accurate and relevant dictionaries. You do not need a data connection for typing with your voice.These were some of the best features which have been added to the updated version of Jelly Bean. Android game developers all over the world have already started taking advantage of jelly bean 4.2 to enhance the game UI/UX.So, if you want to capitalize on this new android OS to develop amazing game or outstanding apps , hire android developer who is an expert in android game programming....

iPhone 3G Games and MAC OS X Games Building Tools

Jul 04, 2009
Personal entertainment through mobile games is emerging as passion with the launch of iPhone 3G games for modern mobile users! Mobile users of all age group are fond of interesting games and recently they have shown great craze for iPhone 3G games, iPhone users’ are looking for different and desired games for their sets.Gaming industry once again is charged up and innovative and creative game developers have started creating new technologically advanced games for modern lovers of mobile games. In the arena of iPhone 3G games development three dimensional accelerometer, 3D touch screen processor have made the gaming more fascinating for the iPhone users.To understand the various aspects of game development one should know what is MAC OS X? For the development of games , game developers use various platforms, among all MAC OS X which  is recognized as best platform for the development of a variety of interesting & quality games.In the matter of frameworks there are three frameworks commonly used by the game developers such as Cocoa, java and carbon which helps in accelerating the game development. Under MAC OS X games development for porting exciting games developers can use OpenGL, OpenAL and Velocity Engine tools.Moreover, with the help of ADC website which is providing various tools, SDKs, sample codes and documentation developers can develop compelling games on MAC OS.High performance graphics is the essence of game development, under MAC OSX games development OpenGL plays an essential role; actually it is industry standard for development of "cinematic" 3D graphics as well as it is also recognized for exceptionally high-performance 2D "sprite" graphics in the world of games development.There are various cross platforms used for the video playback, audio and 2D image loading for further image formats, games without sound is lifeless, so for games matching sound is very essential and to provide high-performance multichannel environmental sound OpenAL is providing power to Apple's Core Audio API under MAC OSX.For display management on MAC OSX, CGDirectDisplay API is normally used by the game developers and it also provides classes for the work of detailing, querying, and manipulating to attached displays.Hence, under MAC OS X game development there are various tools used by the game developers, each one is having great responsibility to provide their respective effects in games. Above-mentioned tools are few core tools which commonly come under MAC OS X game development and used by the game developers.Fascination of exciting games in the mobile phones is increasing rapidly and new innovative games are continuously providing fun to game lovers....

Development of Android Games in the Growing Mobile Game Indu

Jul 03, 2009
Nowadays mobile phone has become multipurpose device allowing the user much more extra than communication, like features of personal entertainment in form of various applications. Game development in the Google Android mobile phones is growing rapidly among the Android users as well professional game developers.Mobile gaming industry is well-developed and there are wide ranges of games which can be played on the mobiles easily. Android is a Java based environment and most of the mobile games are developed by using Java programming language. Although developing games for the mobiles become very easy if you are familiar with developments in Java.Non professionals who are interested in the Android games development can also develop customize games for their mobile phones by following the tutorials available posted by the thousand of mobile game lover developers.Those who are engaged in the development work already can easily work with Android game development by using the Android SDK (software development kit) and if not ever coded anything before, and then you have to observe & learn to move forward.Android game development is getting rapid growth as mobile game industry is blooming, developers are adding more thrill & fun by using innovative thoughts with latest technologies.According to industry experts mobile gaming is emerging in many forms and intellectuals are using games for their different business motives such as advertising through mobile games, cinema & movie promotions, multiplayer mobile games, etc.Android based mobile phones is getting lots of attention of the people like other mobile phones in the market, which are popular for their game applications as Google have provided API documents as well as many examples to follow for the easy game development.In the field of mobile game development Android is booming among the developers as well as passionate masses about games as it encourages the factor of personal entertainment in the mobile phones. Android also supports common range of media formats such as pictures, songs and videos for encouraging entertainment factor in the mobile phones.There are different technologies and platforms which are being used by the mobile game developers such as Windows mobile, Symbian OS, Sun's Java ME, Adobe's Flash Lite, Palm OS, Google Android platforms, etc.In the game development applications of mobiles, developers needs to be expertise in providing the high performance of the game, excellent work of graphics, good sound effects and excellent display.There are various professional game developing companies, active for mobile game application development for the new generation of game lovers....