Games You Must Download on Your Windows Phone

May 31, 2013
A Windows Phone handset is the perfect companion for mobile gaming, thanks to its Xbox integration and the rapidly increasing array of games available at the Windows Phone store.A windows device can provide you with the best in class gaming experience or to be more exact, a console quality gaming experience. Yes, it is a fact that windows has smaller number of games as compared to iOS and Android, still there are numerous classics to choose from.Robotek: This one is a perfect combination of strategy, action and role playing game. It features the arena of battle among the red and blue robots. The game-play is very simple and straightforward. The story is based on a world that is on the verge of destruction due to the robot invasion. The objective of the game is to control a robot that has to capture 200 nodes spread across the world.The techno music soundtrack complements its bold neon-colored minimalist graphics. The game features a rewarding skill system with over 30 levels. This game is available for free of cost at the windows app store.Gravity Guy: Gravity Guy is an endless running game, just like Temple run. Gravity Guy, the hero of the game has broken the laws of gravity. Now, he is being chased by Gravity troops. Gravity Guy has to keep running to escape from them. The player has to guide him through an impossible world of mazes while flipping the gravity up and down. This truly addictive adventure game features 30 challenging levels across three different worlds. The user needs to spend $2.99 for this game.Fruit Ninja: It is one of the most talked about games over all the mobile platforms. It is popular among both adults and kids alike. Halfbrick Studios has made this game with a very simple concept. The player has to slice various fruits flying across the screen by swiping a finger across them.He also needs to avoid hitting the bombs as they are bad for the score. Once the player has got used to slice individual fruits, he can try to cut combination's of multiple fruits in one slice. Different combos will get more points, and some will even unlock achievements. It carries a price tag of $0.99.Angry Birds: Angry birds has been one of the most popular games in the mobile, more aptly the smart-phone gaming industry. The story of the game is that the greedy pigs have stolen the eggs of the birds and now the angry birds have to take their revenge. The player has to use the unique powers of each bird in order to destroy the defenses of the pigs.The game-play is quite challenging and it provides the player with hours of entertainment. There are over 300 levels that require logic, skill and force to complete. This game is available to the windows mobile users for just 99 cents.There are many other classic games also available at the platform. You can browse the windows Phone store to check them as well. However, if you want a game as per your own idea, you can just hire a developer having experience of Windows mobile game development to get your desired game....

Save Money on Your Shopping with These Price Comparing iPhon

May 30, 2013
Shopping is something that most of us enjoy. However, there is nothing more frustrating than making a purchase, and discovering after some times or some days that you have paid much higher prices in comparison to the best possible prices.The good news is that these situations can be avoided now. There are numerous apps that can help you get the lowest possible price on the item you want to buy. So take a look at some of the must-have tools helping you get the best prices.Google shopper: This app collects and provides information about millions of products that a user may require. In case, you are not sure about the item you want, just browse as per some categories like home wares, gadgets, sales, etc. Or you can directly search by the name of item and get a list of results.Interestingly, you’re not limited to perform text based searches; the app also has the ability to recognize an item by cover art, barcode and voice search. You can get the best prices for an item, including the best local and online prices. Users can also read reviews, view specifications and watch videos related to that product. The app enables to save items to a shopping list, or share the wish-list-worthy items with friends.RedLaser: RedLaser is one of the first price comparison apps and is still a standard one. It helps the user to find the best deals and coupons, store digital versions of loyalty cards and buy items directly in the app. With this app, the user can scan UPC codes and QR codes to know more about a merchandise.He can also read reviews and product descriptions, or view the most popular products purchased by other RedLaser users to help make a better decision. The app also shows the products similar to and related to the item the user has just viewed, so that he could know about other available things. Users can create their wish lists or gift lists and share loyalty cards with friends through the app.PriceCheck: It enables the user to compare prices instantly with Amazon’s website and its affiliated merchants. It allows to scan the barcode of an item or snap its picture or search it simply by typing or speaking its name. The app allows viewing product descriptions and customer reviews of a product. Immediate purchases can also be made via Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system and Amazon Prime.All the products displayed in the app are from the U.S. Amazon store and all the prices are in U.S. Dollars. The product information can also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, message or mail. Most interestingly, if the user finds a better deal somewhere else, he can notify Amazon of an in-store price , since the online retailer claims to keep prices competitive.So, the next time you plan to shop, make sure you do it the smart way with the best possible prices. Download any of these cool apps on your iPhone and get, set, go for your shopping. Or, you may also hire a developer having experience of iPhone app development, to get an even better app for your shopping needs....

Is Smartphones Slowly Replacing The Conventional Computer?

May 28, 2013
Today, after 15 years of the introduction of the first smartphone, these devices have become a habit of an average human being. Slowly, the use of smartphones has increased so much that they have become an essential part of everyday life of an average human being.The reason behind it, is the wide range of features and capabilities that a smartphone offers. These devices have become so popular that they are almost killing the conventional PCs and laptops. So let's see how the smartphones are slowly replacing the computers.There was a time, when Desktop or laptop computers used to be a part of our everyday life. We used to do several tasks, like surfing the Internet, playing music, writing or editing a document and much more.With the advent of internet in the modern era, internet supporting mobiles became a necessity. As the time passed, more smart features were added to the internet supporting mobiles and hence the smartphones entered the vast world of internet.

Internet on the go:

As mentioned earlier, the smartphones support internet. Also, they are so small in size and light in weight that it is easy to carry them anywhere. Furthermore, with the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/LTE, users can use the internet services while moving as well..

Perfect substitute for computers:

Smartphones can do almost every basic computer task like connecting to the Internet, playing videos and and audio files, creating and editing documents and playing games. They also offer better multitasking features with its advanced hardware configurations like faster processors and larger memory.

Video calls:

Smartphones allow both usual calls and Internet calls. Computers need microphone or headphones for audio calls and a web camera is required for video calls. Any of these things are not required in case of smartphones. Furthermore, mobile and web application development industry has provided numerous apps like Viber and Skype that allow free calls to people across the world. So it is just meaningless to use a computer for the chatting or calling purposes.These are only some basic areas where these smart devices are replacing the conventional computer systems. Numerous other amazing features and functionalities are yet to be mentioned.In short we can say that personal computers are becoming less of a requisite, and more of an old stand-by in the increasingly mobile world. So, it is likely that the personal computers will be entirety replaced in the coming decades....

Best Apps for Watching TV on Your Android

May 24, 2013
Are you a couch potato? Don't want to move out of house just because you could miss your favorite shows. Don't worry, you can view all your favorite movies and shows on your android device. You just need to download some of these apps for it. Take a look.


NetFlix is one of the leading Internet television networks across the world. This app allows the users to watch TV shows and movies, on their Android devices. To use this application, the user needs to pay a subscription fee of about $10 a month. After that, he can stream an infinite amount of Netflix content. A simple Play/Pause button, and Audio/Subtitle button along with a time strip helps easy navigation while watching.The menu options like Home, Genres, Search, and Queue, enable finding the desired shows without any hassle. It also provides the option to pause any show, whenever required. The next time, the app is opened, tapping a red 'Resume' button resumes the show, from where it was stopped.Also, there will be a list of recently watched shows below the 'resume' button. There are thousands of movies and TV shows that can be watched anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen.


Crackle is among the fastest growing digital entertainment networks across the world. This app offers various TV shows available in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. A dedicated version of this app called Crackle for Sony Tablet is also available exclusively for Sony tablets.This app does not require the user to create any account or pay a fee to watch the shows. Every month at least 35 newly arrived videos are uploaded on this app. It enables the user to build and manage a Watch list for viewing on the app or online at recent update also added the ability to play back movies over HDMI, so that the streaming content can be shared over a big screen.


With this app, user can get access to a plentiful of high-quality BBC content on their Android devices. It has a superb user interface with amazing streaming quality. It allows watching TV shows from the past week. You can also watch a current show as it is being transmitted live, or even catch up it after broadcast.The television shows are available only in UK. However, if you have previously downloaded a show onto your device via this app while in the UK, it can be watched anywhere across the world.So, with all these apps you need not to sit in front of a television set all day long anymore. Just download the application and enjoy your favorite shows on your android device while you are on the move.In case, you want a similar app exclusively as per your requirements then you can hire a developer from any of the Android application development companies that provide app or game development services....

Best Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

May 13, 2013
With the huge growth of smartphones, users have become even smarter. They are preferring cross-platform apps that could work across several devices and platforms. So it is important for the app developers to create apps that supports numerous mobile platforms and devices.There are many tools available in the market, that make cross-platform app development and porting an easy task. Let us take a look at some of these amazing tools.


This one is the most preferred tool when it comes to cross platform mobile app development. It supports nearly every mobile operating system including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows and Palm. This tool is built on HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Apps developed by it offer features like GPS, accelerometer, camera, sound and many others.It also offers a cross platform simulator that enables the developer to test apps. It is also equipped with various online training sessions to help the app developers to get easy access to native APIs.


This tool is equipped with Rhodes, an open source framework based on Ruby. Rhodes enable the developers to create impressive apps which are compatible with Android, Windows, Symbian, iOS, RIM and many other mobile platforms. Apps developed with this tool support features like GPS and camera.The Rhodes framework enables the developer to write the code just once,and use it rapidly to develop applications for various different mobile platforms. RhoHub and RhoSync are two other features of the tool that enable developing environment and keeping data updated respectively on the mobile. It also features RhoConnect, which enables data synchronization and easy integration of devices with enterprise apps.


It allows the developer to build apps for iOS and Android in a short time span with the help of its easy to use IDE (integrated development environment). Also, there is a built-in player that enables quick testing of the apps on the computer while the development process is on.The apps can be tested across the screens of different resolutions and screen sizes. The player software can be installed on your iOS or Android device, so that you can build your app in it without any wire. Furthermore the Box2D physics engine is already installed on this tool to help the game developers.


This one is a software development kit that supports mobile platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mobilin, Symbian and Windows. It come with many integrated compilers, libraries, runtimes and device profiles based on common programming standards. It uses web languages like JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and others in the application development process.All these tools are very helpful for developing great cross-platform mobile apps in a very quick and convenient way. Many other options are also available in the market for this purpose. You can check the others as well....

Amazing Tools for Developing Your Own iPhone App

May 07, 2013
iPhone is one of the highest selling mobile devices, so there is a huge demand for unique and innovative iPhone apps. Many youngsters want to become an iPhone apps developer as it is a cool way to monetize your work. People having very small or even no knowledge of coding are also looking forward to enter the industry.There are many tools available in the market which help developing iPhone apps even if the developer is not an expert programmer. Some of these tools have been outlined here.


It is a browser-based tool designed to help the users make their own iPhone app quickly and easily. It follows the simple WYSIWYG approach for app development. This tool does not require the developer to have the knowledge of coding. It is quite reputed among thousands of app developers who have successfully created iPhone apps for the growth of their business.Some features of the tool include push notifications, location- aware GeoRSS, custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities. The tool is absolutely free to use, however a subscription fee ($79 per month per app) provides 100% control of the app and access to more advanced features of the tool. It works on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.


This tool offers an online service which allows to develop an iPhone app even without the knowledge of coding. It offers pre-created templates which can be customized with different background images and custom icons as per the developer's choice.First of all, the developer needs to select the category of the app (Restaurant, Retail, Business, etc.), then decide the buttons to be included (Menu, Directions, Map, etc.). The tool offers four-, six- and eight-button packages, all including a one-time set-up fee of $50 for each button. Also, there is a $25 monthly hosting fee to keep the app live at the app store.


This app builder is designed specially for small businesses, community groups and professional service organizations. It enables the user to choose from numerous customizable templates and create apps for various mobile platforms. Developers can also use their own graphics or choose images from the online gallery of the company.A special feature of this tool is its ability to house an email distribution list that notifies the end users to download the app once it becomes available. Buildanapp touts an easy six step process to create simple applications. For a more complex app ,the BuildAnApp team offers a ‘build it for you’ service that costs from $19 to $499 with several additional features.These are some of the best app builder tools available for developing and customizing an iPhone app. These tools may help you create an innovative app that truly helps to grow your business and expand your client base. You will get all this on your own even without a technical background....

Five Must Have Apps for iPad Mini

May 01, 2013
Looking for the coolest apps for your iPad mini? The sleek, small and light version of the iPad is considered as one of the best gadgets to hang out with. Almost every iPad application is compatible with the iPad Mini. But, here we will brief out some apps that are the best suited for the iPad mini.


The iPad mini is such a light weight device that anyone who loves reading will love to use it as an e-book reader. And, when it comes to e-book reading apps Kindle is the best. It offers access to wide range of e-books available at the Amazon store for a great reading experience.It enables the users to easily read numerous magazines, newspapers, PDF documents and textbooks. Users can also sync all the books across platforms that support Kindle tab device and iPad so that he can access all of them directly from his device.


The Facebook app is one of the best social networking apps available. It supports nearly every major feature of facebook, like comments, likes, photo sharing, live chat and games. There is also a push notification feature which allows the user to get instant updates about all the activities in his facebook account.


This app is apt for those who love to talk. It allows the user to text and call (voice and video) to anyone across the world. You can make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts for free of cost. The only condition is that the person whom you want to text or call must have a Skype account.


It was awarded as Apple’s iPad app of the Year for the year 2012. It is a simple drawing app that gives the device a real feel and basic awesomeness of a drawing tablet. It gives the user five standard tools to sketch, write, draw, outline and color.You just need to tap on the screen and you will be displayed with a clean 'dashboard' with an eraser, a drawing pen and some basic colors. The interface is smooth and you need to flip through pages with a finger to see the content of a page.


This app enables the user to watch all his favorite shows and movies with live streaming. The user will have to pay Netflix subscription fee that provides the access to different television networks on the mini tab.With the new episode selector it is very easy to select the episodes. The redesigned audio and subtitle selector add to the beauty of the app.The apple iPad Mini already has some built in applications pre-installed in it. However the iPad Mini experience of any person is incomplete without these amazing apps.All these apps can be downloaded from the app store for free of cost. You can also get your own customized apps by hiring iPad developers who are expert at apple iPad mini apps programming....

Trends of The Mobile Gaming Industry for 2013

Apr 30, 2013
Mobile devices have taken the gaming industry by storm and consoles are having a hard time against the mobile games. Users are moving from costly consoles to mobile devices where most of the games are offered for free or less than a dollar.Since its evolution in 1994, the mobile gaming industry has seen many changes. Many more changes are yet to come. Some of the most popular trends that may change the mobile gaming industry in 2013 have been briefed out here.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud computing is the fastest and cost efficient way for players to reach out for the desired games. Everything is easily accessible through this technology, all you need to do is just connect to internet. In 2013, the cloud is expected to become the heart of mobile gamers for exploring new and interactive games.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are very much in demand, when it comes to mobile games. Furthermore, this year will bring a new wave of developing hardcore and gambling games. Games with an ability to let two or more players fight and bluff against each other will be the profitable area for the developers. Therefore, the developers will now focus on creating multiplayer gaming sessions for the players.

More Sequels

As competition in the mobile gaming industry is increasing, games have become more expensive to develop. So there will be a significant rise in the amount of sequels and licensed work. Given the lack of investment in the gaming industry, developers will move to sequels. It will help majority of top developers to double up the profits through sequels of the existing hits.

Tablets Against Consoles

With sensational games along with deep storyline available on tablets, the selling of tablets in comparison to consoles is going to increase significantly. Moreover, the iPad Mini and Windows 8 tabs will further increase the selling of tablets globally.As a result the number of core games designed specifically for tablets will also increase. Already a drop of 25% has been noted in the sales of video games.

Freemium Games

Moving to the freemium games has become a trend among the developers as it helps them make more money than the paid ones. Most of the users download the freemium games as they are free of cost, but after a certain time or level these games compel them to buy the in-app features. So most of the developers are now relying on in-app purchases to make money rather than selling the games directly.These trends are changing the way games are being distributed and marketed in the industry. Mobile gaming is one among the most profitable industries. If you have an innovative idea in your mind that could shape into an amazing game just hire mobile game developers who could work as per your ideas. Success will definitely follow you....

Best Trivia Games Available on iPad

Apr 26, 2013
Quizzes are a good medium to enhance the general knowledge about a person and get some entertainment at the same time. Many of us love to watch quiz shows on TV or play quiz with friends. But, what about playing quizzes on your iPad? There are many nice quiz games available for the iOS platform. Here we will see the best of them.

You Don't Know Jack

This one is a long-running and best-selling comedy quiz game series from Jellyvision. It is composed of numerous episodes, each having five questions. The player can choose from various categories with a host. The entire episodes were previously recorded, so that the earlier episodes do not get repeated.The game is composed of hundreds of different episodes to play. Moreover, new episodes are added weekly. There are multiple-choice questions (with four options), DisOrDat, Gibberish Question, Jack Attack and other types of questions.

Jeopardy Platinum

Are you a die-hard fan of the 'Jeopardy' game show? Then this game is definitely meant for you. The iPad version of the game imitates all the rules and graphics of the game. It tests the knowledge of the player in single player or a variety of online and local multiplayer forms.The player can hear announcer Johnny Gilbert’s voice as he takes the stage to test his knowledge on various topics ranging from popular culture to world history.

Family Feud

The classic television game show is now available on the iPad in the form of a fully synergistic game. There is a lots of 3D animation which made the player feel like being actually on the stage while playing the game. First, you have to set the name of player and choosing the avatar.After that you can start playing the quiz. All rules of the TV show are carried over, so the player can dive into Family Feud immediately.The iPad users can choose any of these games for them. Many others are also available in the app store. You can search for various types of trivia games like movie trivia, music trivia, wrestling trivia, GK trivia, etc. Even if, you do not get the desired type of trivia games at the app store, you can get one made specially for you.For this, you need to hire iPad game developers who could work as per your ideas and get you the desired game. You can hire developers from iPad app development company for this or even a freelancer may work for you....

Best Grocery Shopping Apps for iOS Users

Apr 20, 2013
On the way to the supermarket, you know all you are going to buy for the grocery shopping during the week. Of course, you remember many things while walking through the aisles and filing up your cart.Once back home, you realize that you have forgotten one or two of the most important items on your list. And there is nothing more annoying then visiting the same grocery store again, just because you forgot an important item.Despite your best efforts, it happens many times, when you go out for shopping. However, you won't face this situation again as there are many apps out there to make your grocery shopping easier.


It is a new app developed by Quadion Technologies. It allows the user to make a static to-do list with date reminders. It not just reminds you to purchase an item, but it also remembers the place where you purchased that item. So, the next time you put that item on the list and are passing nearby the same store, it will remind you to buy that item.Over time, this app will GeoLearn the locations of your entire shopping. Additionally, the next time you go for shopping, it can easily add purchased items back to your active shopping list. This app works on a simple concept and is very easy to use.

Quick List - Shopping and Grocery Errands

This app sorts the items on your shopping list with a color code to organize shopping. It automatically categorizes various types of grocery items on the list into store departments for a fast shopping. Once you add a new item in your list, it gets stored automatically in the dictionary.So next time you make the list upon entering a few letters, it will search for a matching word and automatically suggest the items. Making a list for shopping is very easy with this app.


This app includes all the features one can imagine in an ideal grocery app. It allows adding the required items in the list and arranges them for maximum store efficiency.You can add an item through speaking or typing. For those who frequently buy the same things, the favorites list helps to save time. Users can also edit the list online, and it will update automatically on the app.This app also includes a bar code scanner and list sharing feature. Moreover, you can also access discounts from, which is its parent app. It allows to print or email coupons from the site.Most of the grocery shopping apps to basically have similar features. You can find many of them at the app store. Many of them are free, while some need to be paid.All of these make life much easier while saving your time, money and of course, some stress as well. You can also get your own grocery app made as per your needs and ideas. You just need to hire iOS App Developer(iPhone, iPad, iPod) for it....