Jun 29, 2016

How will iOS 10 Enhance your Experience of using iPhones and iPads?

Experience iOS 10

All iPhone users out there, here’s a good news for you, iOS 10 has been announced! That’s true; the much awaited change in iOS now has a defined structure and will reach to you this fall. iOS 10 announcements formed the most important part of Apple’s WWDC 2016 meeting. iOS 10 app development companies now have unique features to make use of for building new apps.

Apple promises to provide more control to users with the introduction of iOS 10. There’s so much to talk about this operating system! Cannot wait to learn about the new OS, isn’t it?

Here’s a quick know-how of iOS 10 and its significant features:

1. Messages

chat-bubbles-ios-10-messagesImage courtesy: iphonehacks.com

Be it reacting to sender’s message or creating suspense while sending images, messaging experience is completely personalized in iOS 10.

Give birthday wishes or say congratulations to your friend or colleague in an interesting way. Apple allows its users to express their feelings of excitement and joy by sending screen animations along with greetings and wishes. For example, send ‘Congratulations on your wedding’ message with balloons that go all over the screen.

Apple knows the excitement of blindfolding before revealing a surprise. For the same reason, it has come up with a new ‘invisible ink’ feature in messaging app. Make your text message or even a picture invisible while sending it. That content comes to light and becomes clear only on swiping.

What is chat with emoji? IT is just like a 300 pages book without a single picture. All of us have that kid still alive which comes out while chatting with friends. Instead of searching for emoji to suit your text every time, replace it automatically with a single touch.

No font is as good as handwritten one. Apple values your style of writing and enables you to send a message in your handwriting. Moreover, the handwritten text would appear as ink flowing over paper on the receiver’s screen.

Bored of the same bubbles in messaging app? If yes then you got to hear this. You can now make the receiver feel the intensity of your text message by saying it loudly, proudly or merely whisper with bubbles popping accordingly.

2. Maps

iOS 10 Maps Image courtesy: cheatsheet.com

With street smarter for your maps, you can get to know about the fastest possible route to reach the destination. What’s more is that it gives suggestion on possible destinations you would like to head to based on your current location and record of frequently visited places.

Search for a destination in maps and book a ride to reach the place immediately. Maps are now taking reservations from booking a table at your favorite restaurant to booking a cab. Maps equipped with all these functionalities make your task easy.

While traveling in car, know about the gas stations, café or food joints that fall in your route through maps. It also tells you about extra mile and time it takes to reach there from your main route.

3. Smart home app

iOS 10 Smart Home Image courtesy: trendingmail.com

Your sweet home can now get an extra adjective of being ‘smart’. Yes, there is an app names smart home that allows you to unlock the door, switch on lights and perform other such simple tasks through your iPhone.

4. Wake up your phone only when needed

iOS 10 Wake Up Alarm Image Courtesy: macrumors.com

Let your phone rest till it is ideally placed besides you. Apple has come up with ‘raise to wake’ feature that lets you see notifications as soon as you take your iPhone in hands. Important notifications can be viewed at this time.

5. Optimized search for photos

Search for your desired picture in gallery by using information of place or even any other person or pet that is a part of that particular snap. For example, get your Mauritius beach picture by simply typing ‘beach’ in the search bar.

These features are tempting enough for anyone to start using iOS 10 in their iPhones and iPads. Get ready to experience a new world with iOS 10 coming to you soon.

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