Jan 16, 2017

Essential Elements to Create Elevator Pitch for your Mobile Application


An idea drives an app. But sometimes having an idea is not enough, it is critical to have an elevator pitch. For those wondering what an elevator pitch is all about- in a nutshell it your app’s mission statement.

Crafting an effective elevator pitch will help you take a next step forward. Elevator pitch could probably make a difference and help you seize the opportunity. If you craft an innovative elevator speech it will inspire trust about idea and help listeners to want to learn more about your idea. Whether it is for your target audience or investors, elevator pitch is an effective business tool to communicate your idea to the world—the elevator pitch. For several companies offering mobile app development services, it is one of the most important aspects that will determine the success of your mobile app.

No matter you are in ideation, design or mobile app development phase, you should have an elevator pitch with you at all times.

Here are the five essential steps to creating one:

What your Mobile App Does

This is the most important question, what is your app all about? You need to define your app’s purpose….

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Jan 10, 2017

How Does Design Thinking Help to Increase ROI?


Till now, we have always learned the fact that design and development form the base for the success of any website or mobile app. Though this idea is not unknown to anyone, the aspect that gets least attention or is under-rated is the design. Why is it so?

Coding, being a complex and time-consuming phase, overhauls the UI/UX development aspect. Time and resources engaged in development of a project are often given greater importance considering the proper functioning and delivery of error-free end product.

Though it is true that development phase is to be accountable for making an app or website feature-rich, you cannot neglect that design phase is responsible for excellent user interface. When the project is in progress, development may seem to carry more weightage.

Positive and Negative Impact of Design Thinking

The above statistic goes upside down when website is made live or app is launched in the App Store. How? Are you confused? Let’s take an example of a business mobile app project:

1. Biggest investment is made on hiring senior developers who have experience and talent to work on multiple platforms.Maximum time of the overall timeline is allotted to development…

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Dec 06, 2016

4 UX Elements for Engaging and Interactive Chatbots



Chatbot has been quite successful in creating a buzz among online businesses in its efforts to take customer experience to the next level. Users have high expectations from Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot. This entitles businesses to design a chatbot that has the potential to make a customer feel as if they are talking to a human being who understands their language well.

It is a known fact that a lot of programming effort is required to build a fully functional chatbot. However, what many businesses fail to realize is UX designing aspect is equally important. How does your chatbot appear and respond to customer’s queries is what determines its overall usability.

1. Visual Presentation of Chatbot

Users do not like to think of chatbot as a human-machine interface or a robot. For them, it is more like a friend from whom they would like to mint out some useful information. As a result, it is vital to build a human like personality for your chatbot. Visual representation has to match with its attitude and personality.

Some customers are so paranoid that they like playing around with the chatbot by asking silly questions such as…

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Nov 28, 2016

What’s New in MongoDB 3.4? How will it Improve your Database Experience?


MongoDB is not unknown to anyone who lives and breathes technology. Being one the most preferred databases of developers, the new update of MongoDB comes as important news. What are the possible reasons for favoritism of this database?

The following list is not exhaustive that could explain the usefulness of MongoDB, but it mentions about important benefits that make this database superior to others:

  • 1. MongoDB has support for expressive query language, which makes it easier to interpret data.
  • 2. Ease of indexing is another factor that reduces developers’ efforts.
  • 3. MongoDB makes it possible to keep consistency in data.
  • 4. This database provides smooth integration of information and enables its easy retrieval.
  • 5. With MongoDB, you can be assured of Enterprise management of data and business critical information.
  • 6. This database offers its users flexibility to use and access data.
  • 7. The extremely scalable working pattern of this database is easy to learn and use.
  • 8. Robust performance of MongoDB makes it simpler for developers to work and rework on it.

MongoDB 3.4 adds cherry to the cake by taking user experience to the next level. Following is a list of changes…

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Nov 22, 2016

Why Startups Should Invest in Mobile Application Development?


Mobile revolution is transforming the way we live. The online phenomenon that started back in 2000 is now undergoing an evolution. According to surveys and stats, mobile represents 65 percent of digital media time. On the other hand, desktop/laptop is becoming a mere secondary touch base point for an increasing number of users.

Online businesses are now going mobile. And why not? It is expected in 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. Today, most mobile users have smart phones and prefer to have information on their handset.

If you thought mobile application is just for multinationals or big companies, think about it again. Mobile applications are providing startups an easy way to connect with users across the globe. Your startup needs a mobile app, you need to get one. After all just having a mobile app is not sufficient, as online activity continues to witness a rapid shift to mobile industry. In simple words, apps are too difficult to ignore.

Enhance your Geographic Reach

With billions of users downloading millions of apps, your mobile application helps you overcome geographic barriers. Mobile applications…

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Nov 15, 2016

Advantages of Mobile Application for Small Businesses


How much dependency do you have on mobile phones? The answer cannot be quantified, which means the amount of dependency is too large to be measured in units. According to the latest survey by Gallup, people check their mobile phones at least once in an hour for some or the other work.

Reasons for Small Business to Invest in Mobile Apps:

1. Usage and Impact of Apps in Everyday Routine:

Have you ever wondered what do people use the most in mobile phones? Is it camera, maps, applications, gallery or music player? The answer is obvious and quite predictable: applications. This is because the world of apps has becomes so large that anything to everything is now possible on mobile phones with an appropriate app.

2. Ubiquity of Mobile Apps: 

Be it booking a flight ticket, hotel room, table at a restaurant or shopping for clothes, footwear, medicines or grocery, you can do so with few taps on mobile phones. These trends are an alarm towards increasing usage of mobile apps and growing field of mobile app development.

Why do Small Business Owners Hesitate in Getting an App Developed?

There are multiple reasons why it is tedious…

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Nov 09, 2016

How to Create a Viral Loop that Can Drive Growth?


Organic methods of promoting services or products require patience as it takes a long time to get noticeable results. But, who has the time to wait so long while having the competitor running ahead at a faster pace? This is the age of cut-throat competition, where not utilizing every moment of time is equivalent to losing out to your competitor.

Viral is the new fever that’s trending among web and mobile app development companies. Marketers are aware of the power of viral marketing, which enables them to implement it for the benefit of the company.

What is Virality or Viral Loop?

Viral loop, as the name implies, means rapid spread of news or information among a large network. Just as the virus infects a person and spreads among people who come in direct or indirect contact, viral marketing strategy uses the same concept to publicize a product or service at an unprecedented rate.

Viral Loop Spreads as Fast as Fire

Viral loop works like magic by reaching zero to hundreds to thousands to millions of users in very short time. Consumers become marketers for their own benefit, which eventually helps in promoting a product or…

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Oct 20, 2016

Why should Restaurant Owners Think of Investing Money in Developing Mobile Apps for their Business?


News of a new restaurant in the town comes almost every week or fortnight. People are becoming big time foodies and this has given a boost to restaurant businesses. ‘When there are so many good restaurants already existing, how do I get mine noticed’ is the common problem faced by new restaurant owners.

Constant checks on the quality of food, inclusion of new items and offering food at competitive price have always been on the priority list of hotel managers to mark a good impression on visitors. However, if you think taking care of these aspects guarantees profitable returns in restaurant business then you are highly mistaken.

Key to success in restaurant business

Restaurant business demands for a huge investment, which makes the owner impatient to get returns once it is properly set up. This industry is no exception to others where reaching out to maximum audience is the key to success. People have to know about your existence for them to try out your restaurant food. Effective marketing techniques should be used to reach maximum number of people in short time.

How did developing an app for restaurant come into the picture?

Every business needs…

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Sep 19, 2016

How to Validate your Mobile App Idea for its Quick and Successful Launch?

I got up today with a wonderful and out-of-the-box mobile app idea in mind! Now I am eager to turn this app idea to reality as soon as possible. This is the common scenario of any individual who is excited to release a mobile app into the App Store. What most people fail to exercise in this excitement is to validate the usefulness of the mobile app idea.


Test the Potential of your App Idea

You may have an idea in mind that intends to solve a particular problem that people face or help them in their daily routine. But, have you tested the scalability of your app idea? Not yet, isn’t it? This is the right stage to test whether your app idea has legs to scale.

Do not directly jump to the stage of hiring developers. You need to do some homework on your part before reaching out to development phase. Merely having an app idea is not enough; it is vital to check people demand and behavior on your app idea to validate its success post release.

Determine your Target Audience: Broad Niche or Micro Niche?

Which group of people are you targeting?…

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Sep 15, 2016

How Much Do You Know about Beacon Technology?

Have you heard about Beacons? This technology was first brought to light by Apple in 2003 and since then Beacons gained popularity owing to its usefulness. iOS app development service providers started building app based on iBeacon technology, which were easily adopted by Apple users.

Following this success adoption, even Android app development service providers started experimenting with apps that used Beacons. Beacons, when they were newly launched, came in the form of wireless devices. Now they are available as stickers, making it convenient to place them anywhere such as on walls or any other object.



Where can Beacons be used?

Beacon technology is useful for diverse industry sectors, though not many have explored it yet due to lesser known facts about it. One sector that has greatly benefitted from Beacons is Retail. Big retail outlets deploy Beacons to inform their customers about latest offer and promotional deals without any special efforts.

Big names in the Hotel Industry such as Starwood Hotels are employing the power of Beacons to rule out room keys. Airlines industry also leverages the power of Beacons to improve communication with customers. From corporate events to trade shows, Beacons have worked…

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